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What Can You Do in Brome Missisquoi This Fall

Fall is my favourite season. I love when the cooler air comes in on a beautiful sunny September day. I’m truly ecstatic when I can finally take my coat out of the closet where I stored it a few months ago. And, when my oldest one throws himself in the leaves and I see that special sparkle in his eyes, it’s simply priceless. Plus, I can brag about the fact that I live in the best region for taking advantage of this season; what more could one ask for? Here are a few of my favourite outings to experience before winter knocks at our door.


Touring the Area Vineyards and Cideries

I love to head out on Brome-Missisquoi’s Route des vins while listening to my favourite music. It’s the perfect time to renew my favourite products and to discover new delightful alcoholic beverages that will create a sensation at my dinner gatherings. Although I prefer driving my way across this amazing route, it’s also very popular with cyclists who love to pause here and enjoy a tasting moment near the grapevines.


An Explosion of Flavours

Our region offers a panoply of restaurants, gourmet stops, as well as farmers and artisans who, day after day, make it their mission to offer menus and quality products to please all foodies, epicureans and locavores. A refined cuisine, terroir products, fruits and vegetables, vegetarian cuisine, cafés and microbreweries, my stomach gurgles just by writing these lines!

Do you find you’re in an inspirational slump? Le Chardo, in Bromont, stands out with its wonderful wine list and its dishes inspired by hunting, fishing, fruit and vegetable picking experiences. In Dunham, the brewery which shares the town’s name has established quite a reputation for itself in the beer industry with its exceptional brews. Also, in Cowansville, you’ll discover a succulent vegan offer at the restaurant L’Archipel. Finally, La Rumeur Affamée, in Sutton, is my favourite place for purchasing all my cheeses, deli meats and ready-made meals for a weekend stay at the cottage.


Conquering the Most Amazing Summits

There’s nothing more satisfying than to reach the top of a mountain and admire the surrounding beauty of all our roadways, the wildlife and the flora. It’s true, our region’s landscapes are particularly spectacular in the fall, with their red, orange and yellow hues. Our mountains offer trails for beginners as much as for those who prefer a more technical course, by yourself, among friends, with your dog or with your family.

Among others, I must mention the trails of Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (P.E.N.S.) and those you’ll find at the Parc des Sommets (Bromont). If hiking isn’t your cup of tea, you can enjoy taking the chairlift up Mount SUTTON or Bromont, montagne d’expériences; you’ll find the view is truly breathtaking.


A Day at the Orchard

Fall is synonymous with apple-picking season. The region’s farms and orchards welcome you to pick your own apples in a very friendly ambiance! Among the places to visit, we must mention Au Paradis des Fruits, Domaine de Dunham, Ferme Cidricole Equinoxe and Au coeur de la pomme. They’re all enchanting places for picking your apples and other fruits such as pears and prunes. They also have picnic tables where you can savour your harvest on their enchanting sites.


Meet the Local Alpacas

Are you familiar with alpacas, these sweet, adorable creatures in the camel and dromedary family? I invite you to visit the Alpacas of the Ferme Norli in Bromont or Alpagas Sutton, in Sutton, to learn more about these animals that will melt your heart! An interesting fact: alpaca yarn is much warmer than sheep’s wool. Fall is the perfect season to buy some of their products, such as tuques, socks, scarves and mittens.9

So, take advantage of the colours, fill your lungs with fresh air and let yourself be wooed by our epicurean offerings and I promise that your fall season will be a truly memorable one!



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