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Sutton, a Treasure Chest for Art Lovers

With about 120 artists and artisans living here, Sutton is without a doubt a not-to-be-missed destination for amateurs of the fine arts. Seven galleries make up the Plein’ Art circuit which is truly the best way to discover and, by doing so, uncover artwork coming straight out of the imagination and talent of our Quebec creators.

Start by going to the Tourist Welcome Office for your Art Circuit brochure, it will accompany you as you follow the indications at your feet that will lead you to all the galleries. As you enter each one, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with the gallerists and even with the artists themselves.

Seven Galleries, Thousands of Treasures

On your way, you will discover the Farfelu gallery, where some thirty local artists and artisans as well as many others from all over Quebec exhibit their work. The variety presented here will amaze you. The paintings, photographs, jewelry, sculptures and many more precious items will have you want to take something home with you.

Further on, you’ll enter Arts Sutton. This spacious and beautiful gallery offers the work of artists from all over whose creations are related to the territory and landscape art the gallery’s preferred themes. Their concepts are quite varied and represent our natural environment as well as urban, transformed, interior and imagined scenes.

The Imagiers gallery is the workshop of artist François Brisson. A dozen other artists and sculptors also exhibit their work here.

Set in a hundred-year-old house, Art Libre is managed by four artists who present their work and the works of four other contemporary artists. Paintings, etchings, assemblage art, ceramics, etc. You’ll find something for all tastes.

You will fall under the charm of the Art Plus gallery, located in an old church dating back to 1877. This gallery is as amazing as the artwork it presents. You can visit as often as you like all year long because every month, you’ll discover a new exhibit.

Your next stop? Jazz Art Bazar! The atmosphere found here explains its name, surely due to the setting it offers, but also because of its bold exhibiting artists. Painter France Lamarre, for example, or Bernard Séguin-Poirier who creates simply magnificent copper on enamel pieces. Plus, you can’t miss Miel@Soude’s very original welded sculptures.

Finally, the Art Dépôt, a gallery offering original works of art, art products and by-products, will astonish you. The gallerists present their own work, but also that of other area artists as well as artists from everywhere. You’ll find unique sculptures and paintings, photographs, jewelry and ceramic pieces.

End your visit with a stop at Parc d’Arts et de Rêves. A park where you can walk down pathways beautifully bordered with sculptures as you take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful works of art you’ve just admired and also the passionate people you’ve encountered on your tour.



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