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Some tips on getting ready for a running event


Tour du Lac-Brome, XTrail, Bromont Ultra…running events abound in the area, much to the delight of fans of this sporting activity. To help in getting you ready for the running season, which is approaching at a fast pace (pardon the pun), we asked Mary-Lou Butterfield, a private coach (, to provide us with some tips for beginner and intermediate runners who would like to take part in this type of event this summer.


Start by walking

For first-time runners or inactive people, it’s important to start by walking before you begin training to compete in running events. I recommend being able to do 45 minutes of speed walking three times a week for at least four weeks before you start running.  


Properly choose your run

The run you select is also important. We often tend to believe or hear that a person is better off doing longer distances. Or conversely, training for 5-kilometre runs and improving on your time is also an appropriate thing to do. Runners would be much more satisfied with their performance if they improved on their short distances. Wanting to run a fast half-marathon or marathon isn’t recommended. Injuries might not happen during pre-event preparations but they often occur after the run.

To make for a more pleasant run, it’s important to maintain a certain pace during the competition. Thus, it’s a good idea to improve on the 5 and 10 kilometres, since this will allow you to recuperate faster and feel well during the run.


Follow a plan and set some objectives

The best way to get ready for a run is to follow a plan that enables you to have a proper and adequate workload in relation to your objectives. Setting an objective in the spring and one in the fall might be a good way to plan your season. You can’t ask your body to produce a better performance every weekend. Some runs can be part of your training regimen without necessarily planning to use them for the purpose of posting your best time.


Measuring up to yourself

Lastly, comparing yourself to other runners might be interesting, but it’s always preferable to draw comparisons to yourself and conduct an evaluation based on your objectives rather than where you finish in relation to your peers.


To see the list of running events that will be held in the area this summer, please go to the “Events” section on our website.




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