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My introduction to fatbiking in Bromont

Recently, I finally had the opportunity to try out a fatbike in Bromont. For those who have never heard about it, a fatbike is a bicycle with oversized tires that allows you to ride on the snow. This new winter sport has been growing in popularity in recent years and is gaining more and more fans in Québec and North America. In fact, this winter, Bromont played host to the second edition of the Mahikan Race, the only 4-cross fatbike competition in the province of Québec.

So, I decided to get started and give fatbiking a try myself. I should tell you, right from the start, that I do road biking but very little mountain biking.

I rented my fatbike at UBAC in Bromont for a two-hour time period. I would say two hours is enough for someone who wants to give the sport a try. Then I went on Bromont’s multi-purpose trails so I could get to the Mont Oak network. The entrance to the network is located behind the Canael bakery, about 15 minutes of fatbiking from the UBAC shop. There is also another network of trails behind the Centre National de Cyclisme (National Cycling Centre) in Bromont.

Mont Oak is a great place to start. There are about eight kilometres of trails that have been set up by Les Amis des sentiers de Bromont, a local organization dedicated to maintaining the trails. I strongly recommend you pick up a map of the trails before you start off. You can print out a copy from this electronic version of the map. You are asked for a voluntary contribution of $5 to use the trails.

When I was there in early February, just over half the trails were available. I really had a lot of fun and I found the landscape was simply outstanding. Fatbiking is an accessible sport. Sure, it’s more physically demanding than road biking; you’ll need to have a good cardiovascular system. On the other hand, it isn’t overly difficult to manoeuver a fatbike, provided you stay on the groomed trails. And don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Consult this page to find out all of the places in the area where you can ride a fatbike.



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