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Five Gravel Bike Circuits to Explore in Brome-Missisquoi

In recent years, more and more cyclists in the region have taken up gravel biking. These cyclists have traded the usual asphalt-covered roads for gravel routes, often less taken and offering breathtaking views.

To accommodate this new trend, the Tourisme Brome-Missisquoi team regularly collaborates with local cyclists to develop circuits that highlight the magnificent gravel roads of the Eastern Townships.

In this article, you’ll discover five circuits you’ll enjoy exploring in Brome-Missisquoi. Note that there are as many routes for beginners as for seasoned cyclists.

The 100 à B7 Route (64 km)

This circuit is certainly one of the best known in the region. It was inspired by the training routes of cyclist and Olympian Lyne Bessette. It’s a circuit that is qualified as being difficult, but which is well liked for its landscapes, its changes of pace, its challenges, as well as the sense of calm we find here. The circuit’s starting point is located at the Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont and will have you discover the many dirt roads around Lake Brome.

Every autumn, the Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont also offers a classic, the “cyclo-sport” race, inspired by this circuit.

The Gravel & Grapes Route (75 km)

Also classified as difficult, this circuit starts out in the town of Frelighsburg and proposes a mixed gravel and paved route. As the name suggests, it will take you across some of the region’s vineyards (five to be exact). You’ll also discover some magnificent points of view and several heritage buildings.

La Traverse des Townships (47 km)

A bit shorter, this route starts out in the town of Sutton and is much liked for all its panoramas, its roads covered with a canopy of trees, rarely explored roads, and sustained climbs. Call’s Mills Park, a hidden treasure in the region, offers the perfect venue for a pause on the route.

The Tour de Bromont (29 km)

This circuit was suggested by the television host and chronicler Yvan Martineau (a Bromont citizen) and is probably the least difficult among all the routes listed in this article; It can therefore be the one to take to initiate yourself to gravel biking. Starting out from Bromont’s Vieux Village sector, this circuit will take you around Mount Brome.

The Zen Garnotte Route (44 km)

This is another of Yvan Martineau’s favourite routes. It also starts out from Bromont’s Vieux Village, but will have you explore the Adamsville and Brigham sectors. According to the chronicler, the hilly and picturesque landscapes resemble those found in France’s Provence region.

Enjoy your escapade!



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