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Where to find Our Artist Bakers

Are you looking for the best places where to find nourishing breads and special gourmet treats that will transform your breakfast into truly joyful moments? We’re offering you here a glimpse of what our Brome-Missisquoi artisan bakers have to offer!

Bernard le boulanger, Dunham

Right in the heart of Dunham you’ll find this bakery where quality takes on a whole new meaning. Indeed, this shop has given itself the mission to “revive the art of delicious bread making.” Their mantra is quite simple: Quality comes before quantity. By using different types of mostly stone-ground flour, Bernard, the baker, stands out among his peers by opting primarily for a sour dough-based production. By doing so, he has added a higher nutritional value as well as a slightly acidulated flavour to his breads.

Canaël, Bromont

The Boulangerie-pâtisserie Canaël offers European gastronomical delicacies right here in Bromont! Their different creations are prepared with a European agricultural wheat production. As you take your first bite, you’ll find yourself travelling afar through the aromas and flavours of the breads, Viennese and other types of pastries, all made here. You can enhance your Canaël experience by sitting down in their café-bistro space which welcomes customers inside a warm and friendly ambiance.

Capitaine Levain, Stanbridge East

Returning to ancestral practices and traditional methods, Capitain Levain produces entirely handmade and 100% organic items. Their delicious products are the result of their collaboration with the region’s local producers and their extraordinary passion for craftsmanship. The bakery sets the bar even higher by harvesting their own wheat varieties with the goal of becoming self-sufficient for their cereal needs. For them “Smart eating is as much a societal choice as a personal well-being option.”

Chouquette et amandines, Bedford

Chouquette et amandines, a family-run bakery located in Bedford, established itself in the region in 2019. The owners’ dream was to start their own business. Therefore, a combination of talent and creativity are at the base of their products’ great popularity. Their superb food offer is available just about everywhere in the region thanks to their delivery service to such areas as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Napierville, Lacolle and Bedford. The next time you order, don’t forget their exceptional talent for creating the most original cakes and unique treats!

La Mie bretonne, Cowansville

For more than ten years now, the Mie Bretonne, established on rue du Sud, in Cowansville, produces about thirty varieties of bread. They also offer a panoply of products typically found in the finest bakeries, such as their Viennese and other types of pastries, and sandwiches. In fact, their bread selection, kneaded and baked right in their shop, is the result of artisanal French bread-making methods.

Panissimo, Brome Lake

Well established in the heart of the town of Knowlton, the Panissimo bakery has been delighting locals and tourists alike for more than 25 years with all its different flavours. With its unique character, this bakery will concoct a new bread variety on a monthly basis for the joy of all true gourmets! An exclusive new selection enhances each month’s menu. From sweet to salty, all this artisanal shop’s products are guaranteed fresh and of the finest quality.



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