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Where Can You Go Winter Cycling (Fatbiking) in Bromont?

The Parc des Sommets de Bromont is known for its vast network of trails specially designed for mountain biking. The good news? Part of this network is accessible for fatbikes! Here are some of our trail suggestions to try for those who wish to pedal on snow!

Mont Oak

Do you know Mount Oak, behind the Canaël bakery in Bromont, and its superb fatbike trails? Surely you do! The renown of this more or less 15 km network of trails is well established! Accessible to all levels, Mount Oak is the ideal venue for initiating yourself to the sport.

Mountain network

Then, where can you go to really heat up your calf muscles, and take on some higher and steeper challenges? Well, simply head out to the Parc des Sommets’s mountain network, of course! Besides the numerous multi-use trails, volunteer cyclists regularly lend a hand to the group Amis des sentiers de Bromont to mechanically maintain 9 km of trails exclusively reserved for fatbikes (and all the multi-use trails shared with other sports enthusiasts! To view the map click here)! They’re all accessible by way of the Divine (C14) or the Entrecôte (M30), two multi-use trails where you’ll encounter hikers on their way up towards Mont-Horizon or Mont-Bernard!

Here’s a suggestion that will have you discover two loops that will surely please intermediate/advanced level cyclists:

The first one starts out at the Divine’s trail head, at the end of Missisquoi Street. It goes up and up until you reach the intersection that leads to either Mont-Horizon, or the Pic du Chevreuil. Keep your left towards Pic du Chevreuil, by following Nom à Venir(the M42 … yes, that’s what it’s really called…) and then the Hummus trail (M41). Don’t be surprised to find that the routes differ greatly from the summer trails! And since what goes up must come down at one point, you’ll get your money’s worth!

To shorten the ride a bit, keep to the right when you reach the Humus and Fer-à-cheval (M40) trail intersection, to return to the Divine via the Hollywood (M29). Otherwise, take the Fer-à-cheval trail, on the left. Here you’ll discover several fun turns when you take the Échangeur Turcotte (M48) and Bob Perdu (M46) trails before heading back towards the Divine!

The second loop begins at the base of the Entrecôte trail that you’ll follow for a short section to join the Stade Olympique trail (M31) on the right. Continue your ascent to the top of Mont-Bernard by LaMontée (M32). As you enjoy a well-deserved pause, from here you can admire the views overlooking the surrounding summits, from Mount Gale all the way to the Montérégienne hills towards Montreal. You’ll then head back down by the Farfadet (M37), a trail also known as the combination of Sarah and Tofu trails (on the most recent version of the map). You’ll have the option to return to your starting point via Entrecôte, or to link this route to still more trails until you’ve had your fill!

In both cases, there’s parking available only on one side of Missisquoi Street. It’s important to respect the signs indicating this! Before you leaving your home download the Ondago application and Bromont’s winter trail map. This way you’ll have another option if my instructions are making you feel dizzy! Check for trail conditions by going to the Amis de la montagne’s Facebook page.

A little reminder for non-residents of Bromont: You’ll need to pay your access fee before heading out on the mountain.


You don’t own a fatbike? The Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont (CNCB) has a fleet of 16 Rocky Mountain Blizzard bicycles available for rentals. All the information can be found on their website.

Also, if you’d like to initiate your family bubble to the sport inside a safe and accessible environment, the CNCB offers 3.5 km of trails designed with this in mind. The CNCB also offers private classes with a certified trainer to help you feel more confident on your first outing, or just to give you a few tips to improve your technique.


Hope to see you on the trails!


Mélanie Frenette, Chief Trail Junkie

Certified CNCB Trainer

(819) 349-8942



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