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Winter getaway at the Parc des Sommets

Only an hour from Montréal, the Parc des Sommets in Bromont is renowned for the charm of its landscapes, the variety of its terrain and its 140 km of trails, more than 100 of which are accessible all winter long for hikers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers to enjoy. Come and discover this vast territory and its different trail networks, designed for those who crave the great outdoors!


The Parc des Sommets, offers 150 hectares of protected natural habitats grouping five separate networks open year-round, including the lake Gale network, the Mountain network and the Mount Oak network. No matter which one you choose to explore, the ONDAGO app has all the maps you’ll need to help you find your way on the trails in real time.

Hiking and Snowshoeing
All the park’s trail networks offer hiking and snowshoeing. By opting for the Mountain network snowshoeing enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the sector’s 10 km of ungroomed trails, while the Lake Gale network offers them 17 km of natural snow cover. For those who prefer a more level route, the C1-Mountain loop is a great option and will take you around the mountain on 15 km of beautifully designed multi-use trails as you’ll discover on the Mount Oak network.

When you purchase a season pass or a daily ticket, you can now access the hiking/snowshoeing trails on the territory of Bromont, montagnes d’expériences where you’ll discover 10 km of intermediate level trails.



Beginners and intermediary level riders will discover an amazing playground and guaranteed fun as they explore the Mount Oak trail network. If you decide to take on all the sector’s trails, you’ll enjoy from 1.30 to 2 hours of pure delight. However, you just have to follow the signs to find a ride that will suit your mood of the moment. For more experienced fatbikers, you’ll find challenges to your level on the mountain network circuits with 8 km of groomed trails that will take you to the top of Mont-Bernard. Park regulars especially love starting out from the Missisquoi Street parking area to follow the Stade Olympique trail all the way to Mont-Bernard. You can then head down by the Farfadet trail and return to the trail head by way of the Entrecôte. Or else, if you wish to head back by opting for another popular trail, you can simply take the Hollywood and go down the Humus. Indeed, you’ll have plenty of options! So have fun, and, of course, always be careful!

Cross-Country Skiing

For cross-country skiing adepts, the Parc équestre offers a loop covering about 7 km for both classic and skating style skiers. As for the—C1- Mountain loop, the more advanced level skiers will enjoy 15 km of tracks designed for classic type skiing. You should also note that the most interesting part of the C1- Mountain Loop can be found between Missisquoi Street and the P5 parking area. The other sections require that you remove your skies since the trails will have your skies since the trails will have you cross several streets.


You don’t have the necessary equipment? No problem, cross-country skis, snowshoes and even fatbike rentals are available at the reception pavilion. You can reserve by phone, online or directly on site. So, whether you want to practise your favourite winter sport or discover a new one, the Parc des Sommets has everything to satisfy and surprise you!



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