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The Perfect Road Trip for Discovering Dunham

In any season, Dunham is a town to discover and explore. Established in the heart of the wine route, La Route des Vins de Brome-Missisquoi, this municipality will charm you with its loyalist architecture, its local businesses and its outdoor activities. By car or on your bicycle, head out on the road to uncover all its appeal.

Le Relais de la Diligence

This historical building on Dunham’s Main Street has adopted different livelihoods over time since its construction in 1865. First it was a mail relay station for St Albans, then later, it accommodated dignitaries when it became the Seely Hotel. In 1893, the Small Brothers company used this space to build equipment for the maple industry. The famous establishment is now owned by the Dunham Brewery and houses several businesses.


This fine food store is a destination to discover for your picnic in the heart of the wine route. A true institution, here you’ll find a bakery, pastries, delicatessen meats and more than 75 cheeses to try. Treats, organic and local products, La Rumeur Affamée is an epicurean paradise!


This artisanal brewery is one of my favourite in all of Quebec. Their brewers are constantly exploring and renewing flavours. The pub is the ideal place for tasting products where they are made, as you enjoy their magnificent terrace with its charming decor.

The beers here are original and diverse, to please all amateurs of craft beer’s taste buds! The boutique section also allows visitors to take home some of their favourite products! The intimate terrace is amazing with its relaxed ambiance which will, without a doubt, delight you!


Adjacent to the brewery pub, the Table Fermière proposes a seasonal selection using a gastronomical menu formula. Its chef’s talents are clearly present on every plate. Local flavours, creative dishes, and guaranteed pleasure for the palate! A cuisine straight from 100% organic market products, for a unique taste experience with each bite!

A pub menu is also available.


A pioneer among Boutique-Hostels in Quebec, BOHO Dunham offers accommodations to clear our minds and to promote exchanges and new experiences. Located on the second floor of the Dunham brewery, this accommodation makes it easy to visit most of Dunham’s gastronomical treasures. By focusing on comfort, the hostel rooms are able to welcome 3 to 4 guests and private rooms are available as well. Breakfast is offered with a night’s stay at the Épicerie Café Dunham.

Other suggestions to take maximum advantage of your getaway:

  • Travel back in time as you pass the doorway into Antiquités Gaston Chamberland’s shop, or visit the many town artists and painters.
  • The boutique Amarille is also a workshop. With its many aromas, it specializes in developing cosmetics.
  • The restaurant La Bodega, just as you enter the town, with its Spanish and Latin American inspirations, proposes a tapas menu.
  • Many local farms and Maple product enterprises allow visitors to meet with their owners and farmers as they awaken their senses.



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