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The best places to go mountain biking

The sumptuous Brome-Missisquoi mountains are very much appreciated by all sports enthusiasts, including both mountain biking adepts and newcomers who are always impatient to get moving on our hills as they fill their lungs with fresh air. On your bikes everyone!

A true paradise by Plein Air Sutton

The team at Plein Air Sutton really put their shoulders to the wheel to lay down about thirty kilometres of trails on Mount Sutton for cross-country and Enduro mountain bikes, offering an adrenaline rush for beginners and experienced cyclists alike! The trails stand out by the courses’ diversity, because they’re careful to protect the natural surroundings, and for the originality of the many different points of interest.

Access tickets as well as initiation to mountain biking packages can be bought at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON. You can also reserve a guide who’ll have you discover numerous facets of the mountain. If you don’t own a bike, their rental centre can equip you with a bicycle and protective gear.

Feel the need to decompress after having spent so much energy? Fans of Quebec microbrewery beers, hoping to find a relaxed ambiance and discover new hops, will be thrilled by the impressive brewing variety of the Auberge Sutton Brouërie and À l’Abordage. On cooler days, you can reward yourself with one of Kokkaku Ramen’s many (savoury) ramen bowls.


An internationally renowned site at Bromont, montagne d’expériences

Here 22 trails were divided in three categories for downhill mountain bikes: Green marked trails for beginners and families, blue and red trails for the initiated wanting to progress and black trails for experienced cyclists. As for Enduro type trails, you’ll find ten routes designed for all levels. Finally, the five progression circuits allow beginners and intermediate levels to develop their skills.

To initiate yourself to this more and more popular sport in Quebec, the École de vélo is the perfect option for teaching your 6 year-olds and older kids to discover the basic techniques so they’ll be able to safely ride down the hills. The more experienced cyclists are taught to become even better cyclists. You can even reserve a private improvement class with Ian Hughes, ex-trainer for the Canadian Olympic team, and this no matter what level you’re at.

You can have a bite to eat by ordering a lunchbox at the Comptoir Alimenatire L’Escale and enjoying it when you’ve reached the top of the mountain by taking the fun gondola lift.


Having a Great Time on the Réseau de la montagne

Geared towards the more experienced cyclists, the trails that make up the network of trails of the Parc des Sommets is located near the Bromont, montagne d’expériences network and counts 56 kilometres intermediate and advanced level trails.

For a perfect ending to your day, a stop at Edgar Hyperlodge is a must! You’ll enjoy discussing the best moments of your outing on the mountain as you discover the West Shefford’s microbrewery products and the delicious meals offered on the menu. (Pssst! There’s also a kids’ menu, something families will appreciate!)


Fun for the entire family at mount oak

As for Mount Oak, small and tall will perfect their skills without taking too big a risk. The fifteen or so kilometres of wide trails and banked turns (berms), a few hills, and relatively smooth forest surface. Most of the network trails here are rated as easy or intermediate levels, with a couple of routes reserved for the more experienced riders.

Your stomach is growling after your many descents? It’s hard to resist the decadent Viennese and other pastries of the Canaël bakery, located at a stone’s throw from the Mount Oak parking area.


Guaranteed fun at the Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont

Although the CNCB doesn’t count as many mountain bike trails as its Bromont cousins (3.5 km of trails), it stands out with its many varied activities, among them, a pumptrack and BMX trails, a velodrome (which should reopen in 2021) and practise terrains for Sunny Dirt and Dirt Jumps. For those who love to alternate between different cycling sports will love their experience at the Centre!

For cycling at Mount Oak, at the Réseau de la montagne and at the CNCB an all-in-one rate can be purchased via the Amis des sentiers organization, which protects, maintains and designs the sustainable natural town trails.

Two Bromont boutiques offer bicycle and protection equipment rentals near the CNCB: UBAC and Pitt stop Vélo-Café, where you can also enjoy snacks, coffee and beer, making it a choice destination for a delicious pause.

Have a great ride!



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