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The Best Cycling Trails for Discovering the Parc des Sommets de Bromont

We already know that Brome-Missisquoi is a cycling paradise! Today, we’re turning our handlebars towards the Parc des sommets de Bromont to explore the incomparable playground you’ll discover there; indeed, a terrain vast enough to keep you breathless for several hours!

Ready to begin exploring? Well seated on your bike and holding on tight, where do we start? Being an instructor with the Club de vélo de montagne de Bromont and the Muddbunnies (a women’s club dedicated to teaching and sharing our passion for cycling) and founder of Trail Junkies, I’ve ridden far and wide on my hometown trails! I’d like to guide you through the following two very special loops: one intermediate and one more advanced, set in the heart of the Parc des Sommets de Bromont in the Eastern Townships.

Before we head out, we must say that the mountain network has had quite a facelift since it was first created in 2018! Of intermediate and advanced levels, the Réseau de la Montagne covers more than 50 km! In fact, it now includes 5 distinct municipal networks—The Villageois, Mount Berthier, the Mountain trail, Mount Oak and Lake Gale—totalling 94 km reserved for hiking, horseback riding, and cycling.

The first circuit starts out in the parking area of the Versant des Épinettes (P7), at the end of O’Connor Street. We begin with a 700 m. relatively easy climb via the Hollywood (M29) access trail. A few metres after the intersection of the Hollywood and Entrecôte (M30), we enter the Échangeur Turcotte (M48), a nice 425 m. one-track trail leading back to l’Entrecôte, towards the Montée Bernard (M31). This new 1,200 m. switchback trail will take us to the summit of the same name. Mount Bernard offers an amazing view overlooking the Montérégiennes hills. We can even see the mast of Montreal’s Olympic stadium, more than 75 km from a bird’s-eye view. After a well-deserved pause, we look for the Farfadet (M37) descent; 1,800 m. of pure uncontainable bliss! Turn after turn of fun, we finally come back to our starting point near the parking area. This concludes the first loop, measuring almost 5 km, but oh! so gratifying!

If we’re ready to challenge ourselves a bit more, we head up the Hollywood trail once more, this time until we reach Pic du Chevreuil, with a slope of about 170 m. over a distance of 2,100 m. The Hummus (M41) awaits there! And advanced level trail, this beacon of the mountain network is a must, although more demanding than the preceding one. After the strenuous metres we ascended, we then tear down the mountain at full speed through several tight turns. A lot of caution is required here, but we can’t help feeling euphoric as we enjoy the natural flow this much-loved trail offers.

This extraordinary network was designed and is maintained by Les Amis des sentiers de Bromont. Non-residents of Bromont must pay a fee to enter: https://secure.xpayrience.com/amis_sentiers_bromont

As for me personally, mountain biking is a great excuse for me to reenergize inside the forest, to appreciate the rich natural environment surrounding me. I always try to balance performance and full consciousness. Yes, yes! It’s a challenge, but staying Zen on a mountain bike is quite possible, believe me!


Mélanie Frenette, Head Trail Junkie


(819) 349-8942



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