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Tackling Lyne Bessette’s training routes


October 11 is the date for the second edition of 100 à B7, the bike race organized by heralded cyclist Lyne Bessette in collaboration with the Centre National Cycliste de Bromont. To find out more about the origins of this race that travels along the training routes of the Knowlton-born cyclist, we asked Lynne a few questions.


Tourisme Brome-Missisquoi (TBM): Why did you organize 100 à B7?

Lyne Bessette (LB): After a long career that allowed me to discover some magnificent places around the world, I wanted to take the time to share my little corner of the country with people. We often tend to look afar, but the nice routes are often right there in front of us! Originally, it was my spouse who mentioned the idea to me. Finally, it took me two years before I said OK and embarked on the adventure.


TBM: Why is the race course almost exclusively on dirt roads?

LB: For the landscapes, changes of pace, the challenges of the terrain, the silence, the animals we come across along the way…dirt roads are really routes that are worth getting to know. Every time I go on this route, I stop on Argil Road in West Bolton to feed some hay to the wonderful horses from one of the farms. 


TBM: How does one prepare for the race?

LB: The important thing when you’re preparing for an event like this one is to have done a lot of bike riding over the summer! Because our race is late in the season, there’s no excuse for not being ready. And there are distances tailored to everyone!
As for the routes, if you’re able to ride bike on paved roads, you’ll be able to do it on dirt roads, too! There’s no need to be afraid to embark on the adventure. Biking on dirt roads is a bit different than riding on paved roads. Sometimes you can feel the wheels slide, but you just have to stay calm and not abruptly apply the brakes. 
It’s better to use a cyclocross or road bike with 25 or 28 tires for racing. You can also use mountain bikes or hybrid bikes.  


Do not hesitate to share your favorite bike route in the commentary section!



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