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Sutton’s Village-Mountain Trail: A not so Well-kept Secret Anymore!

Thanks to the Village-Mountain trail in Sutton, visitors can now go from the village all the way to the mountain on foot. 5 km of pure joy for hikers of all ages. It’s no wonder that the secret’s out in the open!

“The trail was born out of a common intention to accommodate Sutton residents and to enhance the local hiking offer for visitors,” says Mathieu Prévost, director of Urban Planning and Land Development for the Sutton territory.

The Village-Mountain trail can be accessed in different ways from the village, among others, by Godue park, and leads all the way to the superb site of the Marmite aux sorcières (the witches’ cauldron), at the foot of the mountains. “There are several lodgings that have an access route to the trail,” explains Mathieu. “It’s really practical, there’s no need to park a car further up.”


A Public Trail

The trail is accessible even for younger hikers. “I’ve hiked it a few times already and I’ve often met families, grandparents with their grandkids,” says Mathieu. “It’s a family trail but still with a small uphill challenge.”

The elevation we’re talking about here is about 180 metres and, depending on the power of your calves, the outing can take from 2 to 3 hours. Or more, if you stop to admire the river and the magnificent trees of this mature forest!

Every time he has taken the trail, Mathieu Prévost could notice how popular it has become. Many people come here, Sutton citizens as well as visitors from all over. Once they’ve reached the end of the trail, hikers can either head back or continue on one of the 50-km-network of trails of the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (PENS), the organization that also manages the Village-Mountain trail.

Practical, accessible and set along an enchanting environment, the Village-Mountain trail brings a smile to the faces of more and more visitors staying in Sutton. They can now leave their car keys behind as they head out towards the ski hill.

Access from the village: Godue Park, Maple St.; from the Marmites: P3, Real Rd.; and also from du Filtre Rd. Free access and dogs allowed if kept on a leash at all times.



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