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Sutton’s Heritage Circuits : Hidden Treasures and Forgotten Stories

Last week I set out to explore Sutton’s Heritage Circuits, a sort of treasure hunt that made me discover many hidden cemeteries and forgotten stories about Sutton. Did you know that Sutton experienced a copper rush during the 19th century and a great fire in 1898?

Along with my telephone, my audio guide and my bike, I started out on the trail of the first settlers. Forget those boring History classes, the Heritage Circuits will have you discover Sutton in a whole new light, beyond the ordinary route!

It’s easy. All you need to do is download the free audio guides, available on your phones or tablets, and introduce yourself to colourful characters and tales taken from the pages of Sutton Township’s history.

Starting in the village, the bike ride is easy and allows you to listen to stories of a bygone era, where everything was yet to be established. For instance, since there were no roads, the settlers followed deer trails and lived in wooden huts with bark roofs that would leak during a sudden winter thaw!

Sutton has 16 cemeteries with some located within the most breathtaking settings. This is the case for the little-known Pettes-Aseltine cemetery. Well hidden behind a row of trees on Élie Road, a mystical atmosphere seems to flow over the whole area. To reach it, I had to pedal up the steep hill of Academy Road. My efforts were soon forgotten with the allure of one of the most beautiful routes in the area: Élie Road with its shady tunnel formed by majestic trees. I get the feeling I’m travelling back in time, as I learn about some of the great moments and people that have marked the history of Sutton. My motivation for biking my way around is rewarded with these magnificent country roads. The same is true for my wish to discover stories and daydream about Solomon Sweets’ tales of good fortune, the deal made between the devil and the farrier, the potash route and that of Louis, the dreamer.

Not a biking fan? Both circuits can be completed by car with stops allowing you to explore the area further on foot.

By car or by bike, we’re always awed by the landscapes carved out by our early settlers and the stories of our past. As we stop and take pictures or savour a delicious picnic, our heads are filled with these magical images.


The 2 circuits proposed:

On the trail of the pioneers: tales of Sutton


18 stops

2 hrs 30 min.

Itinerary: 6.9 km


Life in the hamlets: tales of Sutton

23 stops

2 hrs. 45 min.

Itinerary: 19 km


Practical advice:

  • Upload the free GuidiGo application and the two audio guides before starting out because a good Internet connection is recommended.
  • Make sure your telephone or tablet is fully charged before leaving.
  • Earphones are recommended.

So that you enjoy the easiest and most pleasant visit possible, we recommend you print out operating tips and instructions to reach the different stops for each circuit:



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