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Some of Brome-Missisquoi’s Not-to-be-Missed Flavours According to Our Residents

In case you hadn’t yet realized it, I can confirm that Brome-Missisquoi is truly a gourmet region. Not only do we find the largest number of agri-food businesses of Quebec here, we can also savour these very talented food processors’ work.

With all the choices we have in the area, the question we can ask ourselves is: Where do we start?

To answer this, we asked Brome-Missisquoi residents to identify THEIR favourite product for us. After we compiled the numerous answers received, we can now offer you some of the ones people mentioned most often.

The Pies of Les Sucreries de l’érable in Frelighsburg

It’s not really a surprise that Frelighsburg’s famous maple syrup pie was repeatedly named. It amply deserves the title of being an absolute must; And, while you’re here, why not also order some pecan pie to take out, you won’t be disappointed.

Others also suggested going to Bromont for Désirables gâteries’s maple syrup pie, as well as the one offered by the restaurant Le St-Raphaël, in Cowansville. To determine which one tastes the best, there’s only one solution: Buy all three and let your taste buds decide!

Fumoir Gosselin’s Smoked Salmon

Many of our residents also mentioned Fumoir Gosselin’s famous hot smoked salmon, produced in Cowansville. We can find this product in most grocery stores, but we suggest that you buy it where it all started, at the Marché Tradition in Frelighsburg.

Brome-Lake Ducks

Well known to the general public, this Brome Lake company has specialized in breeding Pekin ducks since 1912. Besides their famous duck magret, they offer a ton of prepared meals. Don’t hesitate to drop by their beautiful Brome Lake boutique where you’ll find over 65 different products.

The Missiska Cheese Factory

The Eastern Townships region is known for its excellent cheese factories; There’s even a special circuit you can follow to visit them. Many residents shared their love for our region’s cheese makers, especially the Missiska cheese factory in Bedford. Their delicious cheeses are made with milk provided by their own Jersey breed. You should also try their yogurt and their famous chocolate milk.


Round Top Bagels

This shop, located in the town of Sutton, quickly conquered the hearts of the town’s citizens with their organic bagels made almost 100% with local ingredients. Plus, on certain evenings, their wood-burning oven serves to bake pizzas using bagel dough. Indeed, something to discover!

Besides the products we’ve just presented, we could also have mentioned our local vineyards, cideries, microbreweries, bakeries and so much more.


In fact, please don’t hesitate to share your favourite products of the region in the comments section.




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