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Five questions about ice fishing

The ice-fishing season is in full swing in the Eastern Townships. We felt that it’s an appropriate time to pose five questions to Angèle Breton who works at Activité Plein Air Philipsburg, an outfitter devoted to ice fishing on Lake Champlain.


What’s the best time of the day for ice fishing?

We’re seeing that the people who are ice fishing are catching more fish very early in the morning, although that’s not always a sure thing; it depends on the day.


And what’s the best time of the winter for ice fishing?

The beginning and the end of the season are definitely the best times because there aren’t as many people fishing, so there isn’t as much noise out on the ice. And we’re also noting that the fish aren’t biting as much when there’s a full moon.


What type of fish can we get from fishing on Lake Champlain?

Mainly perch, sometimes some pike and, more rarely, you can catch bass. The luckier ones occasionally reel in a dory.


How many fishing holes is each person allowed to have?

You’re allowed to have 10 holes per fishing permit. And we’re now selling fishing permits at the outfitter’s reception desk.


What should a person bring for a day of ice fishing?

For the fishing itself, nothing. Our price includes the hut with a stove and the wood to heat it. We also supply the holes, the ice fishing tip-ups  and the bait. Access to the lake with your car is also included in the price. We recommend that you dress warmly and bring along a hot drink.


Interested in giving ice fishing a try? Here’s the contact information for Activités Plein Air Philipsburg:


197 avenue Champlain

Philipsburg QC  J0J 1N0

Telephone: 450 248-2210 (7 a.m. to 7 p.m)

Do not hesitate to share your catch on the Facebook group of Activités Plein Air Philipsburg.


  • Adele , 16 November 2019 à 21:12 I am looking to rent an overnite ice shack for a few nites during the xmas holidays. Can you suggest any outfitters Merci
  • Remi Jacques , 19 November 2019 à 06:08 The only one we can refer is Activité Plein air Philipsburg. Best regards


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