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Eggnog Recipe with a local twist

Eggnog is a Holiday classic to enjoy by the fire after spending the day playing outdoors. Although there are plenty of store-bought recipes available, the taste of homemade eggnog is truly much better. This is why we decided to offer you this eggnog recipe developed by the team at La rumeur affamée de Sutton, showcasing our local ingredients (among which we have delicious milk from the Fromagerie Missiska). Thank you Éloïse Côté who took the headline picture for this article.


1/3 cup maple syrup (Érablière de Winter, Sutton)
1/2 tsp corn starch
1 egg
3 egg yolks
1 litre of Missiska’s 5% milk (Fromagerie MissiskaBedford)
1/2 tsp melilot extract (Gourmet Sauvage, St-Faustin-Lac-Carré)
1 cinnamon stick
A pinch of cloves
A pinch of nutmeg

We whisk everything together and bring the mixture to a boil on a low heat, while scraping the saucepan with your whisk to avoid any sticking. Then, we let it cool down a bit and take-out the cinnamon stick.

It’s delicious cold but even better hot!



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