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Discovering Our Nearby Farm Stands

I quickly finish my coffee before heading out on the road: for the first time since a long time, I’m meeting up with my entire team for a work session in Bromont. Although I’ve taken this route many times before the pandemic, it suddenly felt very refreshing. The light, as I’m driving down the boulevard Pierre-Laporte, at this time of the day, is simply unbelievable. While I’m on the road, I start thinking about some strategies for showcasing all the region’s farm stands. Although knowing they can easily be located on the new interactive map developed by the CLD of Brome-Missisquoi, honestly, I must admit, I don’t use it all that much.

I’m quite able to drive 30 minutes to the market or participate in a fruit or vegetable self-picking activity, but I don’t have the reflex to shop at farm stands, even though I pass by these regularly. Often in a hurry, I limit my stops as much as possible, and beeline directly to my destination. Today, however, I’m trying something different: I’ll keep my eyes open to rediscover these authentic businesses where I can buy my daily supplies, and which have become invisible to me over time. If I learn to look beyond the green hills and woodland again, I’m sure I’ll find some true treasures.

After my meeting, I decide to head back home by taking Chemin Gaspé, one of my favourite routes. My first stop: ferme de la Colline du chêne. Ève welcomes me with her beautiful smile and lets me visit the farm. She explains that here, trust is cultivated above all! Visitors are offered three direct purchase options: first, their prepaid chalk board, their farm stand, and the self-service fridge—you choose your vegetables, leave your money in the piggy bank and off you go! —What do I think is the biggest advantage of this place? Besides finding all kinds of vegetables produced directly on the farm, you can also buy fresh eggs from La ferme d’à Côté, bread from La Mie bretonne, flowers from La Ferme Blumen, meat from the Ferme d’ORée and a selection of products from Fraîcheur urbaine, Rose blanche and Les jardins en mouvement. I can tell you right away, you won’t be disappointed by your visit!

I continue my route to the Domaine Muscadine to buy some meat—wapiti, rabbit, Highland beef or pork—there’s plenty to choose from!—and a few prepared dishes as well. I then head towards the Chemin Pierre-Laporte. There I slowly drive to the nearby Jardins de la Colline, where I complete my provisions with a meat pie, a desert pie, a couple of jars of fruit ketchup and relish. I return on Pierre Laporte and make a little detour to the Vignoble Bromont winery. When I lived in East Farnham, I would pass here almost every day, but I never dared to stop, too impressed by their imposing ancestral building we find at the entrance of the domain. Funny how we have these preconceived ideas that some places are only for excursionists and tourists.

I finally arrive in Cowansville, my bags full and a smile on my face, but not without first stopping by Le Champ de la Voisine, right in the heart of the J.-André Déragon sector of town. I didn’t have enough time to go out in the field to pick my garlic flowers, but I’m sure it’s not too late to say hello to Marie-Ève and to buy a kilo from the farm’s self-service fridge.

Check out this interactive map to find a farm stand near you.



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