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Cocktails recipes to carry you from winter to spring

Ice wine is a rare sweet wine made from pressed grapes while they are still frozen on the vine. It’s a smooth drink that’s symbolic of our harsh winters.

There are several ways to enjoy this divine nectar. The most popular way is to serve it cold in a port glass. We would suggest adding the ice wine cocktail tab to your list of cocktail aperitifs.  These cocktails will please your palate and gently carry you from winter to spring.

The first cocktail is an ideal après-ski drink! The Johnny & Will, named after its creators, is refined and easy to make.

 Image du cocktail Johnny & Will

The Johnny & Will recipe

In a shaker, add:

3 ice cubes
1½ ounces of Riesling ice wine from Domaine Les Brome
1 ounce of apple juice

Mix it with a spoon

Pour it into an Old Fashion glass with ice

Add a dash of Chardonnay Réserve from Domaine Les Brome


N’Ice Kick is a cocktail that whets the appetite with its bitter-sweet flavours. It’s a reminder of the beach and summer vacation with its warm colour.

 Image du Cocktail N'ice Kick

N’ice Kick recipe

In a shaker, add:

3 ice cubes
1 ounce of Vidal Vendanges Tardives from Domaine Les Brome
2½ ounces of pulp-free orange juice

Stir vigorously

Pour into a tall glass with ice

Add a dash of Campari


These are just some of the cocktail recipe ideas you can make at home. There are other creations such the Ice Martini or Kir Royal with sparkling wine from Québec and ice wine, which are equally delicious.

Give it a try. You’ll see. Ice wine by itself or in a cocktail provides the perfect source of comfort after spending a day outdoors.


Read the long version of this article on the Domaine Les Brome website.

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