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Best places to enjoy a hot drink this fall

Whatever the season, hot drinks are synonymous with comfort, relaxation, pleasure and sometimes even decadence.  We have compiled a list of six must-stop places in Brome-Missisquoi to appease your craving for a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate while you fall in love with our glorious region.


Must-stops to enjoy a hot chocolate

Chocolaterie Muriel

Specializing in Belgian chocolates, Norka Muriel invites you to indulge in her delicious hot chocolate. The renowned Philippe Mollé, in one of his columns for the newspaper, Le Devoir, declared that this chocolate nectar is the best hot chocolate in the entire province of Québec. Once you’ve finished savouring every last sip of your drink, leave with a variety of chocolates, fudge or one of the divine cakes.

8, rue Principale, Sutton


Le Musée du chocolat (Chocolate Museum)

Not only can you learn more about chocolate by touring the Museum, you can also enjoy one of their many delectable hot chocolate drinks after a day on the ski hills or while you’re having brunch. It’s the ideal place to gather for a family treat. And to further extend your pleasure, stock up on their house specialties, candies or European imported chocolates.

679, rue Shefford, Bromont


For tea lovers

Le Comptoir du Marchand de Thé

Behind the counter of his shop, Jonathan Morel and his staff prepare your teas with great enthusiasm. Morel, who previously worked for the heralded Camellia Sinensis house delights tea lovers with an impressive listing, whether you have a preference for green tea, oolong or tisanes. The products can be enjoyed on site or you can buy them to take with you. You can also buy cups and bowls made by local artisans, along with accessories to make your tea at home.

17, rue Principale Nord, Sutton



Located in a charming area in the Vieux-Village sector of the community of Bromont, l’Apothicaire makes us feel right at home. People go to this popular spot to stock up on teas, tisanes, spices, gifts, body-care products, or to pamper a loved one.

689, rue Shefford, local 101, Bromont


Getting your caffein fix

If you need a bit of a charge to get the day off to a good start, there is a lot of great coffee shops and coffee roaster in our region where you can enjoy delicious espresso, latté or macchiato to absolute perfection.


Please feel free to recommend your favourite places, as well as the hot drinks that you most fancy by writing a comment on this article.



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