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5 tips for excelling in Sutton’s Snow on the Beach event

Believe it or not, spring has finally sprung, and Mont Sutton has quite an event to mark its arrival. With a lake, people dressed in crazy-looking bathing suits and even a BBQ, Snow on the Beach is the prime event to celebrate the return of spring.

Briefly, the event consists of having participants try to ski or snowboard their way across a 30-metre-long lake, situated at the base of Mont Sutton’s trails. All this to the great delight of the assembled spectators.

This week, we’re giving out 5 tips to help you get across the lake, stay dry and please the crowd in the process. Then you can boast about your feats at the après-ski “Splash Party” at the Bar Le Tucker.


This is probably one of the biggest factors. It’s important to gather as much speed as you can on the downhill run. The faster you go, the farther you’ll go on the lake. But you need to make sure you don’t lose control.  

The jump

When you get to the lake, you’ll have to decide between two ski jumps, one small and the other a big one. Participants have a tendency to take the big jump to impress the crowd. But if you want to get across the lake, you would be better off taking the small jump, so you’d have a better chance of gliding on the water.

Selecting skis

Since the goal is to stay afloat for as long as possible, the bigger your skis the better your chances of doing that. Powder skis will serve you well for this leg of the event. The snowboard isn’t a bad choice, either



The costume you wear isn’t usually a factor in your success in this event. But your garb will allow you to score some big points with the crowd – and it will contribute to the festive ambiance of the event.


Even more important than the points noted above, you need to have courage to compete in the event. You need to give it your all and not be afraid to get wet.  

And how about you? Got any tips?



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