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5 Good Reasons for Cycling in Brome-Missisquoi

The Brome-Missisquoi region has many great qualities, but one of its best attributes is, without a doubt, that of being a paradise for cyclists, among them, Lyne Bessette! Here’s why…


The landscapes

The Green-Mountain Reserve, Lake Brome, the Yamaska River, the widespread farmlands, Sutton, Bromont and Shefford mountains … Plus all the delightful towns on the way: Frelighsburg, Town of Lake Brome… Stanbridge-East and its superb Cornell Mill, Brigham and its covered bridge…  by cycling in Brome-Missisquoi County, you’ll experience pure visual bliss!  No matter which route you decide to explore, the environment you’ll discover will always amaze you.


For All Levels

Almost everywhere in the region, “pleasure” cyclists will find several highly enjoyable routes identified as “easy” outings. For example, The Covered Bridge Route (Circuit du Pont couvert), a 36 km circuit that will take you directly to the heart of the magnificent hamlet of Mystic; Then again, you might choose to take the 49 km Freligh-Carmi route that will take you from the beautiful town of Frelighburg to Lake Carmi, in Vermont, or vice versa! At the other end of the spectrum, routes such as the “100 à B7” ( a favorite of Olympic cyclist, Lyne Bessette), with an elevation of 664 meters and the Tour des Monts-Sutton ( a 756-meter elevation) were designed to offer a true high-energy challenge to the most seasoned cyclists.

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The Wine Route

Did you know that Brome-Missisquoi is where Quebec’s viticulture was born? With its many hills and vales, the region offers the ideal setting for the 22 vineyards that have established themselves here to create our Brome-Missisquoi wine route, La Route des Vins. The roads you’ll travel on here, such as the Berceau de la viticulture and the Doyenne des vignes, propose itineraries that will have you discover some of the finest vineyards of the region.


A multidisciplinary region!

Mountain biking at Bromont, montagne d’expériences or at Plein Air Sutton ; Cycling on an Olympic track at Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont (open to the public),  riding on paved or dirt roads, the region offers countless biking opportunities for you to try. You can switch bikes and your map destinations as much as you want, you’ll return here again and again for a totally different cycling experience each time.


Foodie temptations

Aside from all the wine tasting possibilities you’ll discover when you visit our vineyards, brace yourself to face many delicious temptations as you ride by welcoming restaurants, delightful cafés, artisanal bakeries, numerous public markets, sweet berry and savory cider stands! In fact, your biggest challenge won’t be the aimed-at kilometers you have set for yourself, but rather to find the will power you’ll need to resist all the gastronomical hubs you’ll see on your way.


Your route … only a click away!

Ride with GPS, MapMyRide and Ondago are all applications that you’ll be able to download for the many the cycling routes of the area. Make sure to get the 2018–2020 Circuits vélo Brome-Missisquoi map as well. You’ll find new routes and others you can add to.



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