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We found the perfect Christmas tree in the Eastern Townships

When it was time to buy our Christmas tree, the decision was clear-cut: we needed to choose a natural tree. A natural tree is best for the environment and it fills the house with an incredibly exhilarating smell. Plus, there’s nothing better than encouraging the local economy by buying right from the producer.

A few days ago, we met Luce Fontaine and Jean-Pierre Bergeron, the owners of Plantation des Frontières, to go and get our first Christmas tree as a family.

A magical place that exudes fun

At the time of our trip to the area, Mother Nature had put down her dazzling white carpet on our route between home and the village of Saint-Armand. Just taking the road trip along the Eastern Townships’ country roads made it well worth the effort.


As soon as we set foot on the site, Luce welcomed us warmly with her infectious good humour. Decked out in a Christmas sweater, a red toque with a white pompon and a red and white cape, she looked like she had come right from the North Pole. Luce embodies everything that is beautiful and magical about the holiday season. In the time it took to get my son properly dressed, she conveyed her passion for Christmas, the local region and for reading, since she’s written a few children’s books. And she even gave my son a gift, a gesture that caused him to get starry-eyed as the gift was placed in his hands.

My son fell in love with Noël, an affectionate Bouvier Bernois, who followed us everywhere.  A real bundle of joy.


Picking out your tree

We climbed aboard a utility vehicle with Jean-Pierre and young Laurent to find THE Christmas tree of our dreams. The ride itself brought a huge smile to my son’s face; he had never been on a vehicle of this sort.


The variety of Christmas trees is impressive, but in the end, it’s a matter of being struck by love at first sight when you’re searching for a tree. And with my spouse and son, we needed just a couple of minutes to find the magnificent tree that’s going to decorate our home over the next few weeks. The tree was carefully wrapped and carried right to the car to make it easier for us to transport it home.

Customers come from all over the province of Québec and even from the United States to find the king of the forests in Saint-Armand. Luce and Jean-Pierre have even received orders on Christmas Eve and between Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Taking care of a Christmas tree

A natural tree is nice but it requires some tender loving care! To fully enjoy your tree, here are a few tips from Jean-Pierre and Luce:

  • Once you get the tree home, cut about 1 to 2 centimetres off the bottom of the tree to help the tree’s water absorption;
  • Water your tree every day
  • Set up the tree away from heat sources.

Everything for a magical Christmas


Plantation des Frontières has much more than just Christmas trees. You can even come away with an absolutely gorgeous wreath or you can buy stuffed toys, ornaments, lanterns and dishes to decorate your tree, fireplace, door, or your dining room. The shopping experience is obviously more festive and more personable than buying your Christmas decorations in a big-box store. Shopping here is done in a small workshop filled with colours, lights and warmth.

We left Plantation des Frontières with our hearts filled with the magic of the holiday season. And while we were in the area, we took some time to enjoy the tasty food offerings at Beat & Betterave in Frelighsburg and make a stop at the Orpailleur vineyard and at UNION LIBRE cider & wine in Dunham to stock up on bottles of wine and spirits for our celebrations with the people we hold dear.

Psst!: If you fall in love with the place, why not reserve a night’s stay at the Domaine Fonberg B&B which is just beside Plantation? Luce and Jean-Pierre also own the bed and breakfast, so I would be willing to bet you’ll receive the royal treatment during your stay!

295 chemin des Érables, Pigeon Hill, Saint-Armand



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