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The joy of getting lost while snowshoeing on the Bromont trails

Last week I took advantage of the latest snow accumulations to invite my friend Alex to discover the winter hiking trails around Bromont. I focused on the Mount Gale sector which is my favourite because of its wide selection of well-kept trails and also because they are perfectly designed for beginner and intermediate hikers.

My friend Alex, not being a big outdoor enthusiast, didn’t have his own snowshoes. No worries! we were able to rent a pair at the Bromont Tourist Office for $15 for the entire day. Note that normally it’s better to reserve ahead for the weekend. While we were at the Tourist Office, we picked up a trail map (you’ll see as you read on that this was a good idea!) as well as some sound advice from the friendly staff. You can find this map on the Ondago App which can geolocate your position on the trails.

After a hardy breakfast, we started out on the still snow-covered roads to be the first to mark the way with fresh tracks. Very quickly, we put on our snowshoes, ready to take on these magnificent trails. The snow-laden trees created a mystical atmosphere in the forest. It goes without saying that with accumulations of more than 40 cm over the past couple of days, our snowshoes were particularly useful.

We opted for the summit trail which had been recommended by Mathieu from the Tourist Office. This 6-k trek is designed for intermediate to advanced levels and will take us to the top of Mount Gale where the point of view is truly magnificent. Because we’re intermediate hikers, we were able to complete the hike without any real problems. If you don’t have snowshoes, crampons are definitely recommended because the trails are quite steep in some places.

Although the trails are very well marked, we got lost on our way back because the freshly fallen snow had made it impossible for us to distinguish where the path led. Without too much difficulty, we were finally able to deduce our location thanks to our trail map. It just made our hike last a little longer. In these conditions, it wasn’t really a problem, especially since the stillness of the forest surrounding us contributed to the “Zen” atmosphere of the outing. Very few people were present at this early hour of the morning.

After our hike, we quickly returned home for a change of clothing and headed towards one of the Bromont village restaurants for some comfort food to reward ourselves for the training session we had just experienced.



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