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The best apps for cycling trips

Applications for cycling have grown exponentially and at an incredible pace in the last few years.  Nowadays, not only are there apps to measure your performance, there are also apps to compare it with other cyclists. In some cases, the apps even replace paper maps.

To help you wade through this wave of apps, here is our selection of the best applications for cycling in the Brome-Missisquoi region.



Along with allowing you to track your own routes, this platform also enables you to track other cyclists’ rides. There are a wealth of route suggestions for training purposes.

Another of Strava’s distinctive features is that it allows you to compare your times with those of other cyclists that have ridden the same route, thereby giving you the incentive to try to beat the established benchmark. The fastest cyclist is even dubbed as the “King of the Hill”.


Ride with GPS

This app, created by the Garmin GPS company, allows you to map out routes in various GPS formats and track them the same as you would if you were out for a ride in the car. Since the data is already recorded in your phone, you don’t need to be connected to a cellular system to track the routes, which is very practical in areas where there isn’t any coverage.

The application also enables you to check the elevation of the various routes before you set out, and also to choose the best route for your level of cycling ability.

Please note that there are many cycling routes available on Tourisme Brome-Missisquoi’s Ride with GPS page.



This Québec-made app allows you to download the cycling maps of various regions throughout the province right on to your phone. Along with cycling maps, the application includes maps for hiking, skiing, fatbiking, mountain biking and more.

The app also shows your exact location on the map at all times, even without access to a celluar network. It also enables you to find points of interest that are close to your itinerary.

Please note that the Brome-Missisquoi cycling map and the map of Bromont’s trails are currently available on Ondago.


Special mention


This app allows you to download to your phone the route maps of a region before you get there. Then you can access various maps and be geo-located offline, without having to increase the data on your cell-phone plan.


So, what about you: what app do you use when you’re cycling? Let us know in the comments section beneath this article.



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