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Although many feel that summer is the perfect time for a spa treatment, the thermal experience offers extraordinary benefits in all seasons, especially in winter!

For many among us, winter is the perfect season for cocooning. Others prefer to tackle it head on! Glide sports, nature excursions are all good as long as they can to go outside! Spas, by definition, are a great complement to no matter how we wish to manage the cold. Lately, I myself have integrated the thermal experience to my own winter rituals! It has become a precious part of my sports activities as well as being a true ally to help me get through my seasonal stresses and downs. The warmth of the baths, saunas, hammams, the vitality felt after an immersion in the cold, then those sweet restful moments to catch my breath… Pure bliss!

Although we don’t hesitate a moment to enjoy a spa experience, from the earliest days of spring to the last days of autumn, many forgo this pampering moment during the winter months. Yet, surrounded by amazing landscapes as mist floats up from warm basins and as we faintly hear the flow of barely hidden streams, in winter, these are unequalled places to find peace and to renew our vitality. Health experts, physicians, psychologists, osteopaths have all noticed the benefits a regular thermal practice procures for our body, our life longevity and our mental health as well![1] Adopting the practice during the colder season makes the experience even more worth our while!

Our ancestors would be in total agreement! For thousands of years and throughout the world, the thermal ritual has evolved in many different ways and has been practised at all times throughout the year. These practices have come to us from ancient Greece, Scandinavian countries, the orient and even right here from the First Nation tribes. They all firmly believed that this experience is a key element to a healthy lifestyle.

Winter, a Highly Stressful Season!

Winter is a very demanding season as much so professionally as personally. Our attitude and the means we give ourselves to cope have a great impact on how we get through this period. Physical activity, proper nutrition and a regular thermal experience practice can transform an ordinary winter into an exciting season, filled with many opportunities to renew our stamina and resilience. Spas offer this essential escape to find our equilibrium and especially our inner calm.

Challenging the Cold

Photo : BALNEA spa + réserve thermale

For those of us who love to practise winter sports, any type of skiing, fatbike, skating … these can have harsh effects on our bodies … frostbite, muscles strains, frozen toes and fingers… They require a lot of energy and endurance from us. Ending an active day with a spa experience, leaves us with an incredible feeling of wellbeing as it relaxes our body and soothes our aching muscles.

Massages and Treatments Developed Especially for Winter

Photo : BALNEA spa + réserve thermale

Our daily winter routine, with all its hazards, shovelling snow, scraping snow and ice from our cars, trying to walk across icy parking lots … winter is really hard on our bodies! Massage therapists and estheticians can observe first-hand all the harm the cold season can cause such as stiff joints, and muscles, lumbago, frostbite and extremely dry skin, to mention just a few! The treatments our extraordinary spas offer greatly help us reduce these seasonal conditions. Spas take pride in their teams of highly qualified specialists who answer all our needs! Just writing this, I can’t wait for my next warm sea algae wrap!

Going to the Spa in winter is without a doubt a wonderful not-to-be-missed experience that will help us keep our spirits up and feel happy throughout the year. Our region is fortunate to have such wonderful spas each with their own allure and offer.

Here are our suggestions and links to find out more about each one.

[1] Read more about the interesting results this project revealed



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