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Roxane Lussier Multimedium, Multi-Talented Artist

Roxane left the Montérégie region to make Cowansville her home after first living for a while in Dunham. Her father played music and her mother loved visual arts. Roxane grew up in an environment where she was able to explore and mix different art forms to forge her own style and transmit her work and knowledge to appreciative audiences. “I’ve been drawing and playing music since I was very young,” she says. “I studied visual arts in CEGEP and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Education, specializing in Visual Arts.”

Roxane worked for a while in traditional schools, however, she soon transferred, along with her children, to an alternative system which was a better fit with her personality. “I give visual art workshops to the school children, but also to their teachers,” she explains.


An Artisan of the Pen

Roxane is always drawing; the tools of her trade include black ink, pigment ink pencils, quills and ink, bamboo brushes, watercolour paper, etc. “My style resembles that of comic book art,” she explains,” the scenes I depict are realistic, but I’ve also explored Symbolism with a series entitled Omen de Chamane”.

Roxane doesn’t just draw, she also sews and uses only natural and recycled materials. She loves silkscreen printing as well. Star-shaped pillows, creatures of all kinds, rabbits, foxes, chickens . . . you’ll be able to view all her creations at the Cowansville Christmas Market. This will be Roxane’s first participation! In fact, her fine penmanship created the drawing presented for the Market’s colouring contest. She’ll be present on December 2 and 3, before she heads out to join the artists and artisans of the Dunham Christmas Market, on December 16 and 17. Although the market refers to its exhibitors as such, Roxane sees artists and artisans as one and the same. “Artists are artisans and vice versa. Personally, I love all crafts no matter the art form.”

Don’t try to put Roxane Lussier in a box! She’ll always surprise you by finding her way out of any situation that could label her. To get an idea of her work, visit her Facebook page and her Instagram account. Or better yet, come and meet her at one of the Christmas Markets where she will be exhibiting.


What about the future?

“I’m quite enthusiastic about the future. I believe that my production will travel, be seen and bought by many. In the near future, I’m working on publishing and selling my pieces on the Web.” Although she is not yet totally at ease with this way of doing things, Roxane admits that visual arts benefit from a lot of visibility through the Internet. She says, “Maybe even more than in a gallery or exhibit centre. A virtual viewing will not replace the experience of visiting an art exhibit, it will just be different. I hope to invest in both, exhibiting live and in a virtual gallery.”

Roxane hopes to stay involved in art education projects for children in parallel to her own creative projects. She also would like to travel more with her family. “ . . . and, in a more distant future, I hope my body will always be strong and flexible enough to continue to draw, to create. I see myself as this little old mischievous lady with a pencil in my hand until the end!”



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