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A Successful Autumn Getaway in Sutton and Frelighsburg

A few pieces of clothing, your toiletry kit, a good pair of shoes, a camera and a lot of space in your stomach: this is everything you’ll need for a colourful and savoury weekend in Brome-Missisquoi.


Day 1

First stop: The Val Caudalie vineyard, in Dunham.

Since its creation in 2005, this vineyard has grown beautifully with its many different flavours. The selection and more so the quality of the products offered, have strongly established its fine reputation. Go breathe the freshest air while you can admire the magnificent autumn colours as you walk through their trails and especially as you taste one of their delicious elixirs. Remember to take home a few bottles (white, rosé, cider, vermouth. . .) in your bag during your stay.

At only 5 minutes from the vineyard there’s an orchard, Au Coeur de la pomme, in Frelighsburg. Why not take advantage of your time here to pick some apples! You have until the beginning of November to do so. You could also purchase some homemade products such as artisanal wine vinegars, marinades and or jellies. A tip: Just before you arrive in Frelighsburg, stop at the Dunham bakery La Rumeur affamée for some bread or all kinds of products for a picnic in the orchard, by the river.

Wow Freli Alpagas

Continue on your escapade until you reach the Wow Freli Alpagas farm perched on the south side of Mount Pinacle. There, a charming herd of alpacas will melt your hearts for sure. Visit their boutique but be careful, you might develop all kinds of new must-haves for yourself.

Auberge des Appalaches inn

You can’t go to Frelighburg without stopping at Les Sucreries de l’érable. IM-POS-SIBLE ! You’ll understand why their maple syrup pie has attracted so many fans! But leave some room for a delicious supper at l’Auberge des Appalaches inn, in Sutton, located on the side of Mount SUTTON. This restaurant “Créateur de saveurs” favours using local, excellent quality products and proposes a menu that will make you dizzy as you try to make only one selection.

Then, you can either spend the night at the inn or you could decide to try one of the numerous lodgings offer in the Sutton area.


Day 2

Couleurs d'automne au Mont Sutton

Next morning, are you the type of person who can’t say two words before that first cup of coffee? Hurry, run to the Cafetier! Already as you set foot in the café, the exquisite scent of coffee grains will perk you up! Now, you’ll be able to make up your mind whether you’ll attend the Festival d’Automne of Mount Sutton (until October 14) or if you’ll  hike up one of the trails of the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (PENS).

If you decide to head to the festival, a chairlift can take up to the summit of the mountain, or you could try mountain biking as well. You could also attend an outdoor concert or yet again taste the delicious local wines of the Brome-Missisquoi Route des vins. At the P.E.N.S., you’re welcome to try their many kilometres of hiking trails; However, in both cases, the show offered by the surrounding nature will surely be spectacular. The colours you’ll find here are truly unique!

Finally, don’t return home before stopping at the Domaine Bresee vineyard. A recipient of the Coupe des Nations Award (a national terroir wine and alcohol competition) for their white wine and their red, the vineyard is an especially magnificent place where you can also purchase beef cuts thanks to their herd of Charolais cattle, raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Vibrant colours, delicious, healthy terroir products, endless beautiful landscapes and the warmest welcome imaginable everywhere you go. This is how you’ll describe what you experienced during your stay! And feel free to come back anytime again!



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