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A Full-Moon Outing: A Not-to-Be-Missed Experience!

Last month, I was lucky enough to participate in my first “Full-Moon Outing” in Sutton. I came back so delighted that I wanted to convince you to try one of these magical evening events, held throughout the year.

In winter, “Full-moon” Outings are especially enchanting! The group meets with the accompanying guides who know the route well and who exchange a few words about some aspects of nature and the mountain environment. They also inform us about local legends and make sure we are always safe.

Our senses become wide awake in the semi-darkness, our sight, our hearing, our concentration … what an adventure! At night, the wind dies down, more so in the forest, so it’s very quiet. Sometimes our guides will ask us to turn off our headlamps and as our eyes adjust to the darkness, the moonlight shows us the way. First, we’re a bit stunned, but then we adapt, and that’s when the enchantment sets in! Hikers slow down to contemplate the beauty they discover as they look up into the sky above Sutton and appreciate this moment.

There are some things to remember for those who would like to participate in these winter walks; First, it’s important to dress in layers according to the temperature. Also, a good pair of walking shoes with crampons or snowshoes is essential, depending on the snow conditions. You must, of course, bring your headlamps, something to drink and a snack for the longer outings. Most importantly, you need to reserve in advance.


The PENS proposes a more athletic outing of at least 3 hours because the uphill path is fairly demanding. There is only one guide accompanied group departure time. The group meets at 7:00 p.m. by the welcome station, at 900 Chemin Réal. In January, the outing will take you to the Round Top where a hot cup of chai tea awaits. Watch for the dates of the next outings and all the details by visiting their website:

Plein Air Sutton proposes three circuits for a friendly outing of either 45, 60 or 90 minutes with an accompanying guide. You can rent snowshoes or crampons on site. The meeting point is the welcome chalet, at 429 Maple, at 7:30 p.m. and upon your return you’ll enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Keep an eye out for the next outing dates and details by visiting their website:



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