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6 Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Day on the Route des vins
The Wine Route

By Rémi Jacques 04 September 2019

You’re planning a getaway in the Eastern Townships to visit the highly reputed Quebec vineyards you’ve heard so much about. Here you’ll find some advice and a few practical tips so you’ll take maximum advantage of your experience on the Route des vins.

Bring a cooler

Because a car parked in the sun can quickly become a hot oven, the bottles you’ll have bought at the first vineyard might not conserve themselves as well as they should. Placing them inside a cooler will allow you to keep your purchase much fresher! You might also want to keep a couple of bottles of water here to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Leave your perfume at home

The sense of smell is of utmost importance in the art of wine tasting. Don’t spray yourself with perfume before you visit a vineyard; The fragrance might mask the wine’s aroma. In the same line of thought, avoid lozenges and chewing gum which could also influence your taste buds.

Don’t plan to visit too many vineyards

Even though there are more than twenty vineyards on the Route des vins and they’re all worth your time, we recommend you don’t visit more than three or four vineyards per day. Let’s just say that by the time you’ll taste your fifth vineyard product, you won’t be able to appreciate the true value of your visit.

Identify a designated driver

No matter how you do it (drawing straws—a coin toss, etc.), a sober driver is essential for a safe experience on the wine route. Please note that you can also reserve a bus excursion with Kava Tours.

Have a tasting plan

Taste lighter and dryer wines first, then light and semi-dry wines, and end with rich, bold or fortified wines. This plan can be applied to all white, red and rosé wines. Also, eat something between each vineyard visit to reboot your taste buds.

Be curious

Our nordic climate causes grape varieties grown in Quebec to have a different taste than any others produced elsewhere in the world. Therefore, I invite you to be curious and to ask questions about the aromas and features associated with Quebec wines.


Rémi Jacques

Rémi is a member of Brome Missiquoi's tourist promotion team. Inquisitive and adventurous, he is a culture and outdoors enthusiast. In this blog, he shares his discoveries and great ideas for travelling in the Brome-Missisquoi region.

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