Come discover the universe of “The one who makes the Oil”.
ÞÞZAYAT AROMA is devoted to the production, transformation and distribution of aromatic oils and other aromatic products 100 % natural and authentic since 1985 in Bromont.

Mikaël Zayat, Alchemist in essence, is a producer of essences and the creator of numerous aromatic synergies. He is a pioneer of aromatherapy in North America, and he is an internationally renowned expert in the field of holistic aromatherapy, fostering the balance between body, mind and soul. His son, Eloï A Zayat, joined him to establish ZAYAT AROMA.

Our family enterprise, founded on a rich history of traditional knowledge and expertise, promotes the use of indigenous, authentic and natural essences, from organic or wild sources as much as possible.

We invite you to discover our different products by visiting our website or come to see us at teh boutique.
ZAYAT AROMA’s boutique is also the beginning of the Museum of World Aromas, a non-profit organisation created in September 2013 to share historic pieces and aromatic traditions from around the world. A unique experience for tourists and locals to discover the amazing world of essential oils.

Guided visits available upon request.


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