Au Diable Vert, Station de montagne

Au Diable Vert, Station de montagne

Au Diable Vert is a unique combination of eco-lodging, outdoor activities, farmstead and fishing.

Come and enjoy the spectacular view with your camera, walking stick, kite or simply holding the hand of a beloved friend. We offer various people powered activities in a non-motorised environment such as kayaking on the calm Missisquoi river, hiking through the Sutton mountains or flying through the trees on our all new VeloVolant!

You can also try the Observ’Étoile, the firt open air augmented reality planetarium.

You can also try out one of our unique 4 season cabins such as the Treegloo, one of our three famous treehouses or a perched cabin! If you are looking for a little more luxury, there are also three magnificent mountain suites.

In winter the scintillating snow blackets the landscape making it as magnificent as the summer months. While a cozy fire crackles in the woodstove of your cabin, you can enjoy the forest on snowshoes, by crosscountry, backcountry or even Hok skis.

The Au diable Vert experience is not to be missed!


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