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The Best our Terroir Has to Offer For your Holiday Table

The Holidays are quickly approaching, and soon we’ll be coming together as a family around a festive table! Brome-Missisquoi overflows with local producers and artisans who gladly offer us their fresh and exceptional products. Here are a few suggestions that will inspire you as you set up your Holiday table. The enterprises we’re proposing are our personal favourites, but of course, there are still many more we would love to suggest as well! Choose to buy locally this year!


Missiska Cheese Factory

Your reasons for placing Missiska products on your Holiday table are all good. Located in Bedford, the cheese factory makes its products with milk from its own Jersey cows, thus giving them their own unique flavour. Whether it’s milk, yogurt or cheeses, you’ll easily find everything you need when you visit this true, homegrown business which respects its animals and the environment!


Brasserie Dunham

If you’ve never set foot in the Brasserie Dunham, you must absolutely do so to savour their products. Grand masters in their field, these passionate brewers will be able to advise you in making the best selections for your cocktail hour or for accompanying your Holiday dishes. You’ll really impress your guests when you serve them this microbrewery’s beers.



La Rhubarbelle is a Bromont business offering you a wide range of organic, non-alcohol products; However, don’t hesitate to use their elixirs to make a cocktail that will delight your friends, since you’ll find plenty of alcohol-based, very refreshing recipes on their website. We especially appreciate their sparkling rhubarb drink. With your first sip, you’ll notice the quality and finesse of its bubbles. Visit their website to learn more about their products and their points of sale.


La Mie Bretonne

Established in Cowansville since 2009, La Mie Bretonne offers you delicious breads and pastries. We appreciate their totally traditional Christmas logs and their Kings’ cakes. You truly see a difference when you taste their homemade products. Plus, they’re made with local flour or from flour suppliers using a reasoned agriculture approach, with no added sugar, fat or additives. You’ll be proud to serve these products, and, more importantly, they’re so comforting this time of year!


Brome Lake Duck

Recette de canard

Impress your guests by opting for a duck dish. As a first course, tapas or for the main course, Brome Lake Duck products are absolutely delicious. In fact, duck meat is excellent for your health. We love this product especially during the Holidays. We particularly enjoy having their duck seasoned with fine herbs, their latest homemade offer, very easy to prepare with our hectic schedules. Psst! go visit their new boutique located near the town of Knowlton. The place is simply magnificent!


Ferme Selby Farm

Consider buying your meat (pork, turkey and chicken) at the Selby Farm. You won’t just be encouraging local producers; you’ll also be offering your guests fine quality dishes. The Selby Farm never does anything in half measures. Their animals are bred with respect, in a serene environment, and the owners use responsible farming methods. We love their cretons and pâtés, made with their rustic, pasture-grazing pigs. Their recipes remind us of the ones our grandmother makes. Once you’ve served these, you’ll always want to put them on your holiday table.


La Rumeur Affamée

Photo : Daphné Caron

Whether you’re in Sutton or in Dunham, here’s the place to go to find delicious treasures to serve on your holiday table or to offer as gifts. La Rumeur Affamée holds hundreds of local products from cheeses, pastries, meats, jams, oils and vinaigrette, chocolates and many more. It’s worth the detour!


Buying locally, means you’re buying freshness. Pamper yourself and your loved ones by choosing our local producers and artisans who strive to reach the highest quality standards in their field. And, we must add, you’re sure to have the most amazing Holiday table selections.



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