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Our favourite addresses for a savoury picnic in the Eastern Townships

One beautiful sunny morning, I had a stroke of genius! Why not take advantage of this perfect weather to go on a picnic in the Eastern Townships? So, with my backpack, a cooler, my little family and I headed towards the Eastern Townships, looking for the best picnic spots with the most breathtaking landscapes as a backdrop to our outing.


The best fine food grocery stores can be found right here


Before hiking up to Sutton’s Round-Top or setting out for a crazy mountain bike excursion on the newly developed trails, opened by Plein air Sutton volunteers, treat your taste buds to La Rumeur Affamée. This terroir Grocery store offers delicious local products as well as a great selection of cheeses and artisan breads. Note, they also have an outlet in the town of Dunham.


LA MIE BRETONNE – Cowansville

This artisan bakery has become quite the rage since its opening in 2009 and with good reason. Owning an impressive career path in the art of baking as much so in the French region of Brittaney as in Montreal, Chef and co-owner Jean-Sébastien creates true gourmet marvels. Once you’ve filled your basket with breads, pastries, Viennese treats, I invite you to head to Cowansville’s Nature Centre, where you’ll find many fun installations for the whole family.



Sylvie Tremblay and Raynald Gladu are experts in concocting comfort food, taking us back to our grandmother’s kitchen. Jams, marinades, meat pies, fruit pies and so many other desserts, everything is prepared with love by the owners. You can enjoy your purchases either on their terrace or in the shade of their magnificent trees.


For your sweet tooth


Everybody knows that chocolate can be a delicious source of happiness, but did you know that, when consumed in moderation, chocolate is, in fact, quite good for your health? It can act as a preventive food against certain diseases and can complement an athletes’ menu as well. Therefore, it should be an imperative for you to stop at Capeline & Chocolat where you’ll discover their star product, the capeline, a decadent dessert cookie made with marshmallows dipped in chocolate. While you’re in the area, why not fill up with fresh air as you walk or jog through the Keith Sornberger nature paths.


For a colourful basket, rich with nutriments


If you wish to balance out the content your basket with still more healthy products, rich with nutriments and vitamins, I invite you to discover this family owned organic fruit farm.

The Poitras-Charbonneau family welcomes you to pick your own fruit, to taste their natural honey and to complete your fresh provisions with products grown with respect for the environment. A must before or after you travel on La Route des Vins or for a walk through a vineyard.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our region as much by taking in our beautiful nature as by satisfying your tummies with our delicious products! And if you wish to celebrate this glorious day with a little more panache, add a savoury bottle from La Route des Vins to your meal. Bon Appétit!… And here’s to your health!



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