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Exceptional Ciders to Discover During Cider Week

The cider industry has been growing at a fast pace over the last few years in Quebec, and especially in this region. As one of the oldest alcohol beverages in the world, cider can be effervescent, bubbly, calm, ice or fire formulated, to deliciously accompany you at different times and events.

Why not take advantage of Cider Week, from April 27 to May 5, to experience a festive spring and showcase our region’s cider in our glasses!


Union Libre

Established in the heart of the Route des vins, the Union Libre cider house offers a vast selection of products and pleasing flavours to discover. With its modern vision of the terroir, the cidery, located in Dunham, was the first to produce an unctuous and amazing fire cider, created by concentrating the aromas of apple sugars by boiling its juices.

For beer amateurs, a hopped cider tasting will surely surprise you with its freshness and its citrusy final notes. A gluten-free product, it can deliciously accompany your picnic, your cocktails and any pizza toppings.


Val Caudalies

With its exceptional panorama, Val Caudalies is a vineyard and cider house to discover in Dunham. Their festive sparkling cider with its terroir raspberry aromas is an absolute must.

Their 10-year aperitif cider is an irresistible, much sought-after, product, with hints of prune, butterscotch and delicate spice aromas; To be kept for a special occasion … or not.



Clos Saragnat 

Christian Barthomeuf was a pioneer of modern winemaking in Quebec. He also created the first ice cider in 1989 and founded, with Louise Dupuis, Clos de Saragnat in Frelighsburg, in the spring of 2003.

The establishment offers several varieties of organic ciders, among them, Cidre Avalanche, their classic, a dark yellow ice cider with brown sugar, honey and peach syrup aromas. Tasted slowly, it is a true pleasure for the palate.

For avid amateurs of new discoveries, the Clos de Saragnat offers organic farm ciders. Very trendy, with an often more pronounced and more bitter taste, bottles quickly disappear from their shelves!

Enjoy your cider tasting experience!



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