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Château de Cartes, Vignoble et Cidrerie : A must-stop place for aficionados that enjoy a variety of wines

Do you like tasting grey wine or sipping ice wine that’s made with black grapes? If you’re used to travelling around to see what our great area has to offer, you have probably already had the opportunity of visiting the vineyard/cider house, Château de Cartes, Vignoble et Cidrerie. But if you haven’t, here are plenty of reasons why it’s well worth the trip!

Since it opened to the public in 2010, this vineyard, located in Dunham, has charmed visitors who have make the trek, every year, to taste their wines and ciders or enjoy a guided tour that is both educational and entertaining.

The vineyard’s owners, Stéphane Lamarre and Anik Desjardins, realized their dream and turned their love of the vine into reality by buying an orchard, in 2006, and transforming it into a vineyard. “Its name is appropriate; cultivating the vine in Québec is as fragile as a house of cards. It’s quite a challenge, remarks Mr.   Lamarre, who didn’t hestiate even a moment in seizing the opportunity to pursue what had been his childhood dream.

Great variety and originality

The vineyard stands out for its originality, diversity and quantity of products it offers. Is your mouth already watering? Wait until you see what they have to offer to appease your taste buds. This year, the vineyard has 14 products for you:

  • Château de cartes rosé, a sparkling rosé that’s also on sale at the SAQ.
  • Atout blanc, a fruity, semi-dry white wine.
  • Saint-Pépin, a dry, Chablis-type white wine.
  • Frontenac gris, a late white grape harvest made from a Frontenac gris base.
  • Vin gris, a fruity, semi-dry white wine with a faint pinkish colour made with black grapes.
  • Marquette, a dry, slightly fruity red wine that’s also on sale at the SAQ.
  • Marquette réserve, a dry red wine with tannic and oaky notes.
  • Frontenac noir, a fortified, porto-type of red wine.
  • Glace noire, a dark ice wine from a black grape base.
  • Pommenbulle, a sparkling cider that is also on sale at the SAQ.
  • Le pomineau, a rosé cider that’s a fine aperitif.
  • Ice cider, a still cider also on sale at the SAQ.
  • Sparkling ice cider.
  • Pomineau réserve, an apple and eau de vie-based digestif.

The vineyard also sells tasty jams, but they are usually snapped up just as fast as they are put on the shelves. Will you be among the lucky ones to savour a cherry-pear or strawberry jam and a fortified Frontenac noir?

Guided tours and tastings

Chateau de cartes_4
Photo : Michel St-Jean

Would you like to visit a wine cellar that’s dug into the ground and learn more about making sparkling wine? The timing is right because the vineyard is offering a guided tour that will allow you to discover all of its secrets. You prefer touring the facilities and fields and finding out more about the development of wine? They’ll provide you with all of the information you’re seeking! Various package deals for tasting sessions are also available.

Discover lesser-known grape varieties

Another one of the owners’ objectives is to familiarize wine enthusiasts with lesser-known grape varieties such as Marquette, Saint-Pépin, Frontenac noir and Frontenac gris.

So, if you have the urge to discover different wines, a trip to Château de Cartes is definitely in order. They’re waiting for you!

The vineyard is located at 1285 Chemin Bruce (Route 202), in Dunham, on the Wine Route. It’s open from early May to the end of October. For further details: 450-295-2359 or



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