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The municipality of Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge, often abbreviated to Saint-Ignace, is located ten kilometers west of Cowansville, south of Farnham between Sainte-Sabine and Bedford. It owes its name to St-Ignace-d’Antioche, bishop and martyr of the first century.

The first settlers, including Simon and Peter Stone, arrive around the year 1810; they call it Stone Settlement. In 1873 the mission of Saint-Ignace established itself and three years later, it became the parish of Saint-Ignace. The municipality now has nearly 700 residents.

In the heart of St-Ignace, the village of Mystic is the star turn.  It is impossible to resist the charm of the famous Walbridge Barn and the impressive epic of the Walbridge family that initiated industrial activity remarkable for its time. Alexander Solomon Walbridge, inventor and determined entrepreneur, realized numerous major projects between 1846 and 1897 including the construction of a sawmill, the Mystic Iron Work foundry, a railway station near the foundry, a dam on the Walbridge Creek and eventually the creation of the Walbridge Estate.

During a driving or cycling tour in St-Ignace one must take the time to explore and enjoy the history of the site. The oldest polygonal barn in Quebec and the only one with 12-sides, the Walbridge Barn, is recognized as an important heritage building and now houses the agricultural collection of the Missisquoi Museum.

A stay in a nearby tourist accommodation allows you to enjoy the beautiful moments and discoveries of the region.


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