The municipality of Sainte-Sabine is located in the St. Lawrence Plain northwest of Brome-Missisquoi between Farnham, Cowansville and Bedford.  Characterized by a relatively flat and homogeneous terrain, it is located in the watershed of Missisquoi Bay except for a small portion that is part of the watershed of the Yamaska ​​River.

Thanks to the quality of soil most of the land is devoted to agriculture. On part of the rich, black earth west of the village, carrots, onions and other vegetables are cultivated. Milk production is added to municipal resources.

The first settlers arrived in 1888 and in1921 the parish became the Municipality of Sainte-Sabine. The proximity of urban centers and the arrival of young families explain the significant growth of its population which now numbers 1,150 people.

An historic tourist attraction, the School Museum on Rang Campbell tells the story of a country schoolhouse: only one teacher in one room who must teach all the primary classes in working conditions that would not be acceptable today!

As a cycling destination, the gentle land and easy routes is perfect for relaxed biking. In 2009, a bike path and shoulder linked to La Route Verte, which is the Montérégiade section in Farnham. The Railway Station (26.5 km) and Covered Bridge (35.5 km) circuits are ideal for cyclists who are new to the sport.

For those who want to extend their stay, Camping Caravelle, located directly on the circuits and different tourist accommodations in the region offer lodging, some of them have bike packages.


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