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With an exceptional location on the US border, surrounded by beautiful orchards and crisscrossed by the Pike River, Frelighsburg nestles at the foot of Mont Pinacle, a part of the Appalachian chain and the last wilderness summit near Montreal; conservation associations work with citizens to ensure its preservation.

Once occupied by the Abenakis, in the late 1790s Abram Freligh, doctor and Loyalist of the State of New York established himself here with his large family. In 1839 his son Richard built a flour mill on the banks of the river; now restored it is visible from the park. There are nearly 1,100 residents in Frelighsburg.

From the beginning of colonization, apples were grown and cider is taken seriously. Industrial production began in 1930 with the McIntosh, Cortland and Lobo varieties. The apple plays an important role not only for the economy but also for tourism and the landscape as do market gardens, livestock farms, honey and vineyards. Cider maker Domaine Pinnacle, family orchard Au Coeur de la pomme, Pettigrew Farm, La Girondine gourmet foods and Clos Saragnat vineyard are among the agro-tourism attractions.

Member of Québec’s Association of Most Beautiful Villages, Frelighsburg is well  worth seeing.  Its architectural and historical quality reflects its rich history. Over the years, the City Hall became the general store which eventually became a “Café de village”. The heritage circuit, 4 bike tours and 6 walking tours are yet more reasons to linger in the village.

Festiv’Art, the largest outdoor art gallery in Quebec, takes place over the Labor Day weekend when some 3,000 works created by hundreds of artist-craftsmen, many of them from Frelighsburg, are displayed on the streets

Together with small B&Bs and campgrounds, surrounding tourist accommodations also offer travel packages in connection with the attractions of Frelighsburg.


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