Located in the heart of Brome-Missisquoi, between the Montérégiennes (Bromont), the Appalachians (Sutton) and the plains (Farnham), Cowansville has more than 12,500 citizens. Yamaska South River, a tributary of the St. Lawrence River, runs through the city and joins Lac Davignon, a reservoir that holds the flow of the river to provide drinking water.

Between 1798 and 1805 the first log cabin, along with a flourmill and a saw mill were constructed in Nelsonville, a hamlet named in honor of British Admiral Nelson.  In 1876 Peter Cowan, the postmaster, changed the name to Cowansville to avoid the mail being incorrectly sent to Nelsonville near Hamilton. From a town of commerce, Cowansville became one of industry with the opening of several factories including Vilas, Barker and Bruck Silk Mills.

In 1964 Cowansville annexed Sweetsburg a notable area with a hospital and a courthouse. The beautiful buildings and opulent residences here evoke the rich heritage and the Loyalist stamp of that era.

Today, a town providing many services for the surrounding area, Cowansville also displays historical, artistic and cultural components.  A museum, art galleries, historical murals, heritage circuit as well as music festivals and summer-theater are all on the menu. On the gourmet side, the vineyard La Grenouille, the public market, the Café de village and the quality and variety of restaurants add their flavors to the attractions.

For sports and outdoor activities the offer includes golf, cycling, Lac Davignon with its beach and canoe or kayak rentals and proximity to major ski stations in Bromont and Sutton.

For visitors tempted by a trip, there is a choice of accommodation in Cowansville and nearby.


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