Located on the banks of the Yamaska River north of Cowansville and close to Bromont, Brigham still identifies today as an agricultural and tourist region and is home to more than 2,400 people.

Erasmus Oakley Brigham, originally from Vermont, came in 1840. He settled down upstream of the river and built a number of businesses and industries including a tannery, a brickyard and a neo-Renaissance mansion that, like most of the buildings, was built with red bricks.

Among the Brigham history pages, there is the creation, in 1925, of a Catholic church on the second floor of the busy hotel station, and in 1945 an electricity cooperative serving ten municipalities of the region; later, Mr. Brigham’s mansion became a school of agriculture.

Agritourism characterizes the municipality. Three wineries of the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route have their roots in Brigham: Vignoble La Mission, Domaine Vitis and Vignoble de la Bauge the last of which offers cart rides along an exotic-animal trail. Along with the vineyards, four maple groves, vegetable farms and emu farming complete the agritourism offer.

The Yamaska River plays a key role in the scenery of Brigham. Two covered bridges, Balthazar bridge built in 1932 and Decelles bridge built in 1932, cross the Yamaska river and one of four parks, the Claude Piel Park overlooks the river and the dam.

Whether cycling or driving, don’t visit Brigham too quickly – take time, linger and come back!


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