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Patrick Plouffe’s Special favourites for Sapin Restaurant

The restaurant Sapin opened just five months ago in the town of Lake Brome and is already recognized as among the favourites of many epicureans who love an authentic local cuisine.

The restaurant Sapin—Village-style cuisine is how this new restaurant introduced itself last May when it welcomed its first customers. At its helm, the well-known chef Patrick Plouffe had a vision when he first started his project. “I wanted to create a warm, friendly, festive, family gathering place, somewhat like how I believe we perceive a fir or a Christmas tree,” he explains.

Patrick also wants more than anything else, to develop a totally local cuisine with food selected primarily for their high quality. This, of course, means that the chef knows all the gourmet products of the region, very, very well! He has literarily fallen in love with some of these regional products, as well as with the local producers. Here are few of his most beloved items . . .


Cyclerie Knowlton

This very unique ice cream bar also sells bicycle products, plus different works of art made with recycled bicycle parts. However, it is especially unique because, as Patrick says: “it’s crazy! Their ice cream blizzards will sweep you off your feet! It’s by far the best I’ve eaten. If someone feels down or depressed, going there will surely change their perspective!” What more can we say!


Domaine des érables Campground 

Can a campground located in Lake Brome be an epicurean favourite? “Absolutely,” says Patrick Plouffe. “There’s a restaurant there that’s run by an Asian fellow, and he makes the best Asian food I’ve ever eaten!” Although this campground, located near magnificent Lake Brome, is open year-round, you can stop at the restaurant without having to camp there.


Vitalité Sureau/Elderberry

“Their elderberry flower lemonade is simply extraordinary,” says Patrick. However, they have also developed several unique concoctions and processed products. . . They’re truly pioneers in this field, since elderberry is still quite unknown. Initially, the enterprise, established in the Town of Lake Brome, used elderberries mainly for their health properties. This little fruit, in fact, contains all kinds of vitamins, including vitamin C, as well as several powerful antioxidants.


La Fruitière des Cantons

Here we can pick different organically grown fruits, such as hydroponic strawberries, placed above ground. “The owners did this to give elderly people easier access to pick their strawberries without having to bend over,” explains Patrick Plouffe. “I find this to be quite poetic.” You’ll find the fruits produced by this farm, located in Shefford, on the dessert menu of the restaurant Sapin. “Their grapes are out of this world!” says the chef. “I can eat so many of them that my stomach might burst,”



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