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Photo : Domaine Château Bromont

A on the go picnic in Bromont, local and hardy
Gourmet delights

By Rémi Jacques 19 June 2018

Spending the day at the Bromont water park? Or perhaps you’re heading out on a bike outing or to one of the town’s walking trails; Are you wondering what you’ll put in your picnic basket? Easy! Here are five epicurean stops with highly refined ideas to fill up on delicious provisions.


Canaël, Bakery and Pastry Shop

Careful, if you enter the bakery at about 7:30 a.m. the smell of freshly baked bread could make you want to buy everything in sight: Cranberry and nut loaf, butter croissants, salty butter caramel religieuses, puff pastry brioches. . .

1389 Shefford St.


L’Âme du pain

Here we can order a few sandwiches to take out, while our mouths are watering as we peer over their dessert counter and leave with a couple of muffins bursting with fresh fruit! Psst! We’ve heard that the coffee alone is well worth the trip, so remember to bring a thermos cup!

632 Shefford St.


Désirables Gâteries

Whether you’re the sweet or salty type, you’ll find something to add to your basket here for sure. So, you could leave with a tomato tart or a quiche, a carrot and pecan loaf, a lime pie or raspberry squares, among others.

659 Shefford St.


Verger Johanne et Vincent

Your all-inclusive stop! Juice, Bull’s Head products (such as their famous ginger soda!), prepared dishes including several very original sandwiches, homemade cretons, a spinach dip in which you’ll want to dunk just about everything! If you arrive with your basket empty, you’ll surely leave with a full one, plus two bags and wanting to return before long!

827 Shefford St.


Musée du Chocolat de la confiserie Bromont

It’s impossible not to stop at this museum adored by children and adults alike. There must still be a little room left in your basket for a few chocolate treats, no? Dulce de Leche, pink pomegranate pears, melting cherries, coconut truffles and why not one or two cream fudge squares, as a final touch?

679 Shefford St.


You’ll surely need a cooler (a really big one!), a lot of ice and a bit of patience . . . because, it will be hard to wait until lunch time to taste all the fabulous products you’ve purchased!


Rémi Jacques

Rémi is a member of Brome Missiquoi's tourist promotion team. Inquisitive and adventurous, he is a culture and outdoors enthusiast. In this blog, he shares his discoveries and great ideas for travelling in the Brome-Missisquoi region.

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