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Centre de santé Euro-Spa

Centre de santé Euro-Spa

Euro-Spa, health/relaxation destination. Hydrotherapy philosophy was inspired by health resorts in Germany. Hydrotherapy is a natural method that can relieve pain.

We offer in our facilities various unique hydrotherapy baths such as: mud, sea salt, and different herbal baths (melissa, ylang and vanilla, chamomile, thyme, lavender, etc.). In addition, to complete your relaxation experience, we also have the steam, infrared, and Finnish saunas stimulating detoxification of the body through perspiration. Our chromotherapy (also called color therapy) room is equipped with vibrating chairs, allowing you to relax by absorbing lights of different colors. Kneipp facilities (cold bath) to stimulate blood circulation.

With this combination of benefits, our range of beauty and body treatments, our European and Mediterranean cuisine, all surrounded by beautiful flower gardens in magnificent nature in the countryside, you get an unforgettable experience!

Different packages for the day or accommodations are offered.

Reception hall for all occasions (weddings, birthdays, conferences, Christmas parties, etc.).


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