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Bedford Township

Bedford Township

The Township of Bedford is located east of the Appalachian Mountains and west of the lowlands plain of the St. Lawrence in a fault zone called the line of Logan. The Township encircles the City of Bedford and touches the neighboring municipalities of Pike River, Stanbridge East, Farnham and Saint-Armand.

After years of war between Native Americans, the British, the French and the Americans, toward the beginning of 1880 Loyalists managed to escape to come and settle in the county.

Over the years the center of Bedford became a more urban environment and the outskirts of Bedford an agricultural one. The two groups of residents realized their differences and needs so, by mutual agreement, they split in 1919. The Township now has more than 700 inhabitants.

Their ancestors being farmers, the Township of Bedford perpetuates the practice of agriculture across the generations. Travelling by car, bicycle or on horseback the wide open agricultural countryside offers a bucolic and enchanting landscape with spectacular skyline views including Mount Pinacle.

Nearby tourist accommodation and information centers don’t hesitate to recommend a visit to the Township of Bedford.  Coming from the north, south, east or west all roads lead here!


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