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Five reason to visit the Wine Route with a guided tour

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take part on the winter day tour held by Kava Tours, a company specializing in guided tours along the Wine Route. We had a wonderful time, so we’ve decided to share a list of reasons why you should make it a point to give this tour a try.        


No need to find a designated driver

 Autobus Kava Tours

The first reason is probably the most obvious, but it’s also the best. There’s no need to draw straws to determine who’s going to be the designated driver, everybody can board the bus and tour the Wine Route in total comfort and safety. And Michel, the friendly driver, even dons a tour guide cap for the occasion. Along with being highly competent, he answers questions and imparts advice.


Meeting the artisans


When you decide to visit the Wine Route on your own, unless you’ve reserved a tour guide it’s not always a certainty that you’ll have the chance to meet the vintners. But on its outing, Kava Tours ensures that you’ll have the opportunity to meet the artisan behind the product. During our tour, for instance, we met Anne-Marie Lemire from Domaine Léon Courville, who carefully explained several things, including the various stages of wine-making. We were even treated to a few savoury anecdotes.


Because there are surprises


There were certainly lots of surprises and happenings on Kava Tours’ guided tour that added to the overall experience. We enjoyed some memorable moments and had the chance to taste products we would not ordinarily have been to do. For example, we were able to taste the ice wine must (grape skins and pulp) before indulging in the finished product.


Behind the scenes access


Yes, access to the production areas is a highly interesting phase of the day’s tour, something you wouldn’t necessarily be entitled to see during a routine trip along the Wine Route. With the guided tour you learn a lot about the various wine production stages.    


Making it trouble-free

The guided outing along the Wine Route is an all-inclusive package deal. We pick you up in Montréal or Bromont and we take you on a tour of some of the finest vineyards in the Eastern Townships. Since you don’t have to follow the instructions of your GPS, there’s no chance of getting lost. And the lunch-time meal (a raclette dinner for the winter tour) is included. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to go to any trouble.

If these reasons have won you over, go to the Kava Tours website for all the details about the various tour packages that are available.


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