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Le Knowlton Tour, by Purple Valise: a carefully crafted walking tour. Knowlton is a village with a rich and fascinating heritage, colorful Victorian architecture, breathtaking landscapes, quaint shops and restaurants. A must see canvas. Your story teller will greet you and reveal the village’s heritage that spans both French immigrants and British Loyalists, making it strongly Canadian as well as Quebecois. A costumed character will appear. We will revel in the Brome County Historical museum’s secrets. A stop will include a delicious surprise. Le Knowlton Tour will captivate your imagination, as it has inspired world renowned mystery writer Louise Penny for her Three Pines Village.
After one and a half hour your story teller will bid you a fond farewell. Price: $24 per person plus tax. Dates : Saturday June 2, June 16, July 7, July 14, August 4, August 18 ÞÞInformation & reservations : danielle@purplevalise.com Telephone : 514-623-2158ÞÞ


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