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Dans ma Bulle

Dans ma Bulle

Whether you choose a float session, a massage, a body care service or a ritual, our goal is to give you a unique, relaxing and private experience. No crowds!
Floating: As soon as you lie on the surface of the water, your body no longer feels the force exerted by gravity: you are practically weightless. Immediate relief occurs in the muscles and joints that no longer need to support you. At that moment, you will disconnect from the outside world and enter in your bubble.
The massages: The many benefits of massages are now well known and recognized. Not only for relaxation, but also for their therapeutic benefits. In addition, we now know that they have a positive impact on the quality of sleep, which is the basis of a good quality of life.
Body care: Exfoliation, body wrap or facial, body care is much more than just beauty treatments. Indeed, in addition to their beneficial effects on the skin (the largest organ of the human body), they help release tension and reduce stress. They are actually treatments for the outside and the inside.
No worries! You do not have to bring anything, we have thought of everything to make your visit more enjoyable. Once on site, you will see that cleanliness and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.


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