A Loyalist Heritage (itinerary - 3 days)

Brome-Missisquoi has a rich past dating back to when the first Loyalist arrived here. This three-day outing will allow you to learn more about our early settlers’ lifestyle and discover places that date as far back as the colonization.

Day 1

Head to the downtown area of Town of Brome Lake to discover its magnificent Cœur villageois. The municipality is a member of the Association des plus beaux villages du Quebec and is considered as one of the most beautiful towns of Quebec. Your first stop should take you to the Brome County Museum. Here you’ll find the largest collection of artifacts from the First World outside the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Among other items, you’ll discover a German WWI plane in perfect condition. In the afternoon, go bargain hunting and browse through the more than ten antique shops of Town of Brome Lake. End your day by having supper at the restaurant Le Relais which offers a traditional cuisine inside the oldest hotel in the Eastern Townships.

Day 2

Spend the day exploring Cowansville with the town’s interactive heritage tour. Among your many discoveries, you’ll learn about the rich history of the old municipality of Sweetsburg, which today is part of Cowansville. In the afternoon, visit the Bruck Museum, an old art centre which houses a unique collection of pieces that date between 1891 and 1980, and showcases a painting by Alexander Young Jackson of the Group of Seven. For supper, head out to the Vieux-village in Bromont, which used to be known as the town of West-Shefford and where many heritage homes have been transformed into excellent restaurants.

Day 3

The last day, but not the least! Drive out to the municipality of Stanbridge-East to visit the Missisquoi Museum, established in an old flour mill, built in 1830. Your entrance ticket will also give you access to Hodge’s General Store and the Walbridge Barn, an impressive 12-sided building in the charming hamlet of Mystic. While you’re in Standbrige-East take the time to visit antique shop Au fil du temps. On your way back, don’t miss crossing Notre-Dame de Stanbridge’s covered bridge, only a few kilometres from Mystic.


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