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ZAYAT AROMA: the alchemy for success
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By Isabelle Bergeron 20 October 2017

His family name, Zayat, is derived from an Arabic word meaning “oil maker”. The name couldn’t be more pre-destined. The art of pressing olives to extract oil is one that dates back some 3,000 years in the Zayat family.

Born into this family of olive pressers originally from Egypt, Mikaël Zayat developed the art of essential oils, and his business, ZAYAT AROMA, is the fruit of this passion. “My father is an artisan, alchemist and pioneer in the province of Québec in his field of endeavour,” says Mikaël’s eldest son, Eloï. “He went to Ottawa to do his doctorate, and he met my mother while he was there. After visiting Bromont, my father loved the area so much he decided to stay!” That’s also where he founded his company in 1985.

Nowadays, ZAYAT AROMA has some 600 products, including a wide range of essential oils, of course, but also hydrolats, macerations, gels, diffusers, etc.  “We produce 20 of own essential oils,” notes Eloï A. Zayat. “For the others, we go and get them in places where they are of the utmost quality.” Recently back from Greece, Eloï stayed over there so he could make oils that would be impossible to do locally, mainly because some of the plant productions can only be found in Greece. “The quality of our products is well-known,” he adds. “We work with people here, but we also work with people all over the world, ever mindful of sustainable development and making sure we go with small producers, ones that have a way of doing things that are respectful of the environment.”

Developing and maintaining integrity

While Eloï has partly taken the reins of the family business, he wants to preserve the mindset in which the company was created by his father who, meanwhile, is still deeply involved. He started up ZAYAT AROMA because he firmly believed in his products and their benefits, and also because he thought it was essential to convey his knowledge, notably through workshops and consultations, which, incidentally are still offered by Mikaël Zayat. “The relationship we establish with people who purchase our products and the people we work with has always been a priority for my father, and it is for me, too. Properly responding to people, informing them in a knowledgeable manner, continually being open and transparent in the way we do business…all of this is and always will be a priority.”


Expanding the premises in Bromont, the desire to create partnerships with Brome-Missisquoi producers, a shop in New York in 2019… there are so many projects that enliven Eloï A. Zayat and everyone that works at ZAYAT AROMA, and all this is done while being faithful to the openness, generosity and quality that have always been paramount in the company.

You can always count on being well received, and especially, well-informed if you drop by the boutique, in Bromont. And you certainly won’t be heading home with your hands empty!


Isabelle Bergeron

Au cours des 15 dernières années, Isabelle a travaillé comme journaliste pour différents magazines (Coup de pouce, le Bel Âge, Véro, etc.), ainsi que comme édimestre, chargée de projet en édition et responsable des communications. Passionnée de voyages, les petits comme les grands, Isabelle occupe aujourd’hui le poste de rédactrice pour Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est et collabore avec le CLD de Brome-Missisquoi.

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